Science Tech & Stewardship. Outside the safe operating space for novel entities (New Zealand)

1 year ago

Public funding for esearch & science that explores risk from science & technology as not equivalently matched the acceleration & release of release of manmade emissions/pollution into the environment. This work threatens large institutional interests, as it provides knowledge that might show harm, creating a public demand for regulation. This work is often underfunded, or simply not funded, because it is inevitably political. But without this important work, mankind cannot steward the emissions & pollution from Anthropogenic activities.

As part of this presentation I draw on the 2022 paper by Persson et al - Outside the Safe Operating Space of the Planetary Boundary for Novel Entities. The paper proposes that the unlimited & exponential production of novel entities place us outside Rockström & Steffen & colleagues' planetary boundaries framwework - simply because the extent of production & release of manmade technologies, called novel entities, which include chemicals and gene edited technologies, are beyond current capacity to monitor & conduct appropriate risk assessments.

What are the implications for human & environmental health?


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