Snake Venom Genetics Match

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I produced one of the first COVID 19 genetic reports in the world back in January of 2020. I compared all of my genetic research with snake venom after watching Dr. Ardis. It all matches.
My genetic covid 19 report

nlrp3 snake venom

ACE2 snake venom


TMPRSS2 and FURIN snake venom

IL genes and TNF snake venom

CASP1 snake venom

NOD2 IL-1B snake venom

PYCARD , CASP, IL-1B snake venom

HMGB1 IL-6 snake venom

Use of p coumaric acid in snake venom.
Sterling's censored science on p coumaric acid


NOS3 snake venom

IFIH1 snake venom

G6PD snake venom

PTGS2 venom

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The founder of MTHFR Support, Sterling Hill, was a highly successful businesswoman for many years until 16 years ago when she became ill with clotting issues. She went from physician to physician, but her condition continues progressively deteriorating. She lost everything. As traditional medical thinking was failing, she reached out to the alternative medicine community and the world of epigenetics.

She learned the basis of her clotting issues resided in the sulfation and methylation cycle. After regaining her life from treatment, Sterling realized that the medical and lay community knew little of epigenetics and nutrigenomics. She realized that these subjects were of vast importance to the health of everyone on the planet, often being the proverbial “stone that was left unturned” in chronic illness of any type.

As a result, Sterling launched to learn and share the knowledge of genetic polymorphisms and their effect on health. Her passion is to help educate the world of the true root cause of chronic diseases and link expert health care providers with those in need.

Since then, Sterling has created genetic apps for the alternative medicine community. She helps people get to the root cause when it comes to diet and environmental factors that impact DNA and teaches practitioners and scientists around the world how to pinpoint pathways that may be compromised in their most difficult patients. Sterling teaches them how to manipulate compromised genetics with nutrition and supplementation.

Sterling has been awarded commendations by the Louisiana Senate for her steadfast commitment in defending the constitutional rights of citizens to make their own fully informed medical decisions and her valorous defense of the health of America’s children.

She has lectured around the world and at Autism One.

Sterling created the first database of its kind in the world showing that excipients, adjuvants and glyphosate contamination in vaccines does cause unhealthy epigenetic expression of DNA. This database is 33,000 lines and growing.

She has also been to Washington DC and spoke at a Congressional Briefing about the dangers of glyphosate and the epigenetic impact on human DNA and was involved in a private meeting with the EPA.

Sterling contributed to a book showing biological processes and metabolic pathways in the human body and how epigenetics plays a role in health.

She is currently attending Legislative sessions when possible, in her state of Louisiana.

Where pharma is studying human DNA to create more drugs, Sterling is using the system against them and studying human DNA and teaching people how to eat a diet geared towards their genetics.

Sterling Hill is currently being filmed in a documentary by

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