Creatives Chat with Joselito Castillo | Ep 79 Pt 1

Published April 28, 2022 1 Views

We have a soulful chat with Joselito Castillo, a Dancer and Dance Instructor who transitioned into being a Spiritual Healer and Life Coach who offers energy cleanses, banishing ceremonies and spirit alignment.

Joselito shares about childhood days in Texas and the tight relationship he had with his Grandparents and how he honors them today.

We chat about: banishment and clearing ceremonies; witnessing magic moments; we come from the dirt; questioning everything; allowing the healing to happen; Queer Curismo; ancestral connection; serving 53 cups of coffee; getting called into action; experience of leaving the body; and messages from the coffee cups.

Plus, we dive into: doing what you need to be doing; dissecting movement; positive manipulation of the Soul; life being a hassle; talking to a palm tree; the lens of Love; full circle moments; taking our power back; dealing with gnarly energy; gratitude shift; revolutionary healing; what's your production; and who knows what.

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