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Indoctrination & Trauma, How Government Keeps Cannabis Illegal, Keith Roberts - 4 May 2018

This show was recorded on 4 May 2018

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Keith Roberts www.freedomslips.com

Think back on how you got to where you are now, how hard was your life?
Perhaps one of the main reasons why society remains resistant to legalising cannabis, is because we're all suffering from some form of trauma and cult indoctrination.
How could this happen? Easily, with meaningless tasks to repeat, a central authority figure, being separated from family, poor nutrition, plus, a silo mentality that hen-pecks those who think outside the group norm, it's easy to see how any institution from schooling to business and government fit perfectly within the framework of cult indoctrination.
Where this becomes relevant in regards to cannabis, is that a belief based on lies has been repeated to the public for so long, that they've become traumatised by the blown out of proportion propaganda, and indoctrinated in the school of government authority.
To change this, they must be exposed one step at a time, to the truth.

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