Tucker Carlson Discloses that 12 Serious Accidents at 12 Different Food Plants in a Month

Published April 24, 2022 138 Views

Tucker Carlson discusses that within a month's time, twelve(12) separate, documented incidents at twelve(12) different major food processing plants have occurred across the United States of America. He also points out that this is all happening as the current POTUS and his illegitimate regime are warning of coming food shortages.

Unless you are a liberal hack who is still towing party lines and taking up for a man that has literally been attacking our country from the office of POTUS for almost two years now, then you will probably listen to your brain when it tells you that this is probably no coincidence and is much more likely intentional, and planned. One of these accidents, one of the most recent, was a fire that was caused by a plane crashing into that particular plant.

One thing that Tucker didn't point out in this segment that is absolutely related is the fact that Joe Biden has ordered Union Pacific to stop taking orders for shipment from fertilizer manufacturers just ahead of the spring planting season which will most likely cause farmers across the country to be unable to get enough fertilizer for the crops they are now planting. This is almost certainly going to result in a failure to produce adequate amounts of food for our country.



If you combine all of this, and you still think that Joe Biden isn't literally attacking his own nation and its people from the office of the POTUS, then your brain needs to be checked out because it doesn't seem to be working. There's simply no nicer way to word that, sorry.

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