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1 year ago

🇫🇷📹❓ — Over the past days, a pro-Russian video was massively broadcasted on France's social media channels, since a few days before the presidential election.

This video uses words like "Empire of Lies" or the "Z" of the Russian army. It denounces the degeneration of Western Europe with a succession of images, with a background of music from the... Choirs of the Red Army. Some of the images also seem to denounce compulsory vaccination, censorship of social networks, drugs and pornography.

It is not clear whether the video was produced by the Russian services. Russian citizens. Or by French pro-Russians.

This Sunday is the second round of the French presidential election, which sees Macron (anti-Russian, pro-NATO, pro-EU and pro-embargo despite the inflation they cause) and Marine Le Pen, a nationalist and populist candidate known to be hostile to NATO on its foreign policy and close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


If you're interested in the artist (Lubomir Arsov) and artwork featured, this is AWESOME:

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