Trump speaks an amazing updates on Truth Social

Published April 23, 2022 994 Views
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Donald J. Trump: "We had to give the American people their voice back by building something called Trophy Truth central Truth Social. And I think Truth Social is going to do well. It's moving along nicely.

You look at Twitter and you look at how bad, how badly it treats everybody, and it's a real mess. But Truth Social phone users can download the app today and get it, which is back and it's open and ready to go and go out and use it and have fun with it and easily enable every single person on the wait list. A lot of people on the waitlist. Now you can join."

Punugupati Srikanth:
Kevin Corke: US intends to provide an additional $500 million to the Ukraine

Fox & Friends: They do whatever they want

Pastor Marc Little: This is called CRIME by Coca Cola

Biden: I don't want to hear any more about

Biden: They're DEADLY & a lot of us RESPONSIBLE

Biden: That's why I went home

Joe Biden: It's a TRUE story

Greg Gutfeld: Has Fox Nation considered rehiring Chris Wallace for Fox Nation?

Biden: You are the least PREJUDICED, the most INVOLVED & CONCERNED generation in American history

Devin Nunes: Are they really willing to spend time in jail to protect DIRTY COPS & CLINTON PEOPLE?

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