Food Shortages is the Next ‘Slow-Moving Disaster’ to Hit the World | Prepare Now!

1 year ago

Food prices are already skyrocketing. Some — a lot — of this comes from inflation caused by runaway government spending over the past two years.

Some is from supply-chain issues. But a new problem is rearing its head, and government officials seem as likely to make it worse as to make it better.

Least we forget, this is all about depopulating the world, taking us out in every way!

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We must wake the world to end this tyranny!

Stop watching the lies & propaganda on TV and every news channel.

Get out in nature or find more truth to share. We can all take part in saving our world!

When the world wakes, the cabal will be dismantled and our lives will become better than ever! Every country will flourish, the way is always should have!

Soon this will be over, but it's going to take every one in the world helping by saying NO to these wicked people.

United, we can take them down! We can't wait until we're starving to fight back!

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