Introducing Reinette Senum, Candidate for Governor of California

"I'm not a Democrat -- I'm not a Republican -- I'm a Californian." In an interview with Dr Naomi Wolf.

In this interview, Ms. Senum describes her background in community development, energy conservation, and creating practical solutions to empower the cultural shift in California. Her focus is on answers, not on political parties.

This is a purpose-driven campaign: It sidesteps division and creates solutions.

The vast majority of environmental problems we are facing in California can be dealt with by rebuilding our topsoil. This positively impacts our water, farms, fire reduction, pollinators, weather, food, and health challenges, to name a few....

The 7 key points to Ms. Senum's campaign include:
-Natural Resources Stewardship-
-Food and Farms
-Common Sense Education
-Real Public Health and Individual Wellbeing
-Durable Economic Growth

In addition, this is the first iteration of Senum's 30-page blueprint for California, building an economy based upon restoration and healing, The Contract With Californians:

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