Must Have Critical Medicines in an Emergency - Dr.Syed Haider

2 years ago

Dr. Syed Haider makes it easy to safeguard you and your family, serving three important needs the wider medical community tends to ignore: (1) emergency antibiotics to have on hand in case disaster strikes and prescription drugs are unavailable, (2) 1-month backup supplies of your regular medication, and (3) safe off-label COVID protocols designed for prevention and treatment.

Dr. Haider has over 10 years of experience as an internal medicine trained hospital doctor. Since December 2020, he has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients around the country by providing easy online access to off-label prescriptions. After realizing that our country has offshored almost all prescription drug manufacturing to unfriendly nations like China, he launched his latest initiative at, providing "prepper antibiotics" and chronic med refills to store in case of emergencies like anthrax or plague bio-terror attacks, natural disasters, supply chain breakdowns or just to have on hand for off-grid living and travel.

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