Dr. Aaron Kheriaty and Parisa Fishback, Unity Project, Mandates and Ethics episode

2 years ago

In this week's episode we are interviewing two luminaries who are actively working to stop forced COVID-19 vaccination mandates for healthy school-age children. Each with different backgrounds, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, former chairman of the medical ethics committees at UCI Hospital and California Department of State Hospitals, and Parisa Fishback of Fishback Law Corp, a legal firm that specializes in bankruptcy law in Orange County and throughout Southern California, each bring a unique perspective on the newly arising issues surrounding the ethical path to take forward in light of the persistent pandemic and the ever shifting landscape of information on a local and international scale. Focusing primarily on the question of cost risk analysis around mandating the new RNA vaccine technology for school children, this pair and their organization Unity Project, are certainly addressing head on some very pressing matters of our time. They are stirring conversation around legislation and topics that will in many ways define our generation's legacy on how diligently, rationally, and intelligently we responded to a crisis when tensions were strained, information mercurial, and new boundaries were constantly changing around what is considered socially acceptable conversation. We invite you our listeners to approach with with the basis that more conversation is better than prohibited conversation; we in no way take a definitive stand on the issues talked about in this episode, as much of the concepts are as new to us and they likely are to you. We only ask that you approach with an analytical, skeptical, and open mind as is befitting any great thinker.

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