“End Game” | Beyond the Cover

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2 years ago

There is no question that the world we are living in today has changed dramatically from the world we lived in just a couple of years ago, and that the change is for the worse not the better. What kind of world will we live in in the not-too-distant future if current political and technocratic trends continue? What’s behind those trends? And what, if anything, can be done to change our present trajectory? In this episode of “Beyond the Cover,” host Gary Benoit interviews New American publisher Dennis Behreandt about his new book End Game, which convincingly demonstrates that the present trajectory is intended, and that the final destination will be a dystopian world controlled by power-driven elites and technocrats who envision themselves as becoming gods on earth. Yet, Behreandt explains, this planned fate for humankind is far from inevitable. And in his book, he includes a hopeful, realistic scenario for saving and restoring our precious freedoms.
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