1 year ago

HzB 4-14-22 OH BULLDOGS DONT DISMAY UNION SQ NYC Ken Rich [COVIDIAN CULT deprogramming guide] Eric.R

... THE TIME IS NOW - WHEN GAS HITS 7.00 A GALLON TRUCKS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DELIVER FOOD ... THAT IS ONLY ONE GLARING, ACTUAL THREAT WE ARE FACING - HERE THESE 3 MEN SPEAK AND A FEW LOCALS DEBATE AND CONVERSE AT THIS FREE SPEAK OUT AT UNION SQUARE, NYC - [ to ship intro go to 1:15 to go directl to Eric Rassi of Liberty Coalition go to 1:41 to go to Richard Degan 7:09 & to go to Ken rep & producer of COVIDIAN CULT a deprogramming guide go to 18:19 in timeline as always go to truth-today.org@thebunker the hub of this satellite channel.

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