CRT, SEL, & WOKE Experimentation on your Kids in Utah Schools [Exclusive]

1 year ago

Here's the story on this exclusive look behind the curtain at the Utah State Board of Education:

Thousands of state board documents reveal that the CRT, SEL, and other woke practices you're seeing in your kids' classrooms is a form of educational malpractice upon our children's hearts and minds.

These divisive and intrusive ideologies and practices are being injected into every aspect of your kids' educations through decision makers and outside parties to whom control over local education has been given.

This is the first of a series of exposés on the state board showing the emotional exploitation and indoctrination of your kids at the expense of their academic learning and personal privacy.

Thanks for watching, it's long but worth it. You won't find this content anywhere else, so now's your chance. Here's the breakdown if you want to chunk your viewing:

0-10:20: Intro
10:20 - 24:05: (just a few) Examples in schools
24:05 - 58:20: Utah State Board of Education documents and ACEESS committee influence
58:20 - 1:19:45: SEL, CRT, woke agenda pushers, including USBE (see how they're tracking your kids)
1:19:45 to end: Conclusion and action parents can take

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