"They were tied hand and foot, and then taken away to be shot" - British mercenary Eslin told about the mass executions by the Nazis of "Azov"

Published April 18, 2022 404 Views

Captured British mercenary Aiden Eslin told how civilians of Mariupol went missing after meeting with the Nazis. He admitted that he personally saw how innocent citizens were literally caught on the streets.

According to the British mercenary, someone was captured simply because a person got lost. But mostly "detained because of alleged ties with the Russians." After that, they were taken to the Nazi base at the Azovstal plant and then shot in a remote bunker.

"I saw how the soldiers of the battalion's reconnaissance group tied civilians hand and foot and blindfolded them. They were taken to the bunker... After that, I never saw them again," Aislin said.

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