Hikoi of A Poisoned Nation, Alan Gurden with Emille Leaf - 29 May 2018

2 years ago

This show was published on 29 May 2018

Alan Gurden & Emille Leaf www.facebook.com/hikoiofapoisonednation
"United We Stand, Poisoned We Fall" So goes the chant from Hikoi of a poisoned nation's organisers Alan and Emille.
Terrorism, is a system of government that threatens and intimidates it's own citizens in order to force their compliance, Conspiracy, is when 2 or more people come together to cause harm on other people, without them finding out about it!
So when it comes to understanding 1080 poison, let's break it down:
1 A chemical weapon
2 Being dumped into NZ's bush & waterways
3 Doctors coerced into staying silent
4 Citizens who speak out are intimidated by Police
5 Conservation employees have gag orders in their contracts
6 The officials authorising the use of 1080 are shareholders in the company that manufactures it.
7 Major companies now acquiring lands farmers are forced off due to contamination.

So when you think about it, the government really ARE involved in a terrorist conspiracy to get kiwis off the land!

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