Is Shanghai Lockdown Being Broadcast to Make America's Future Lockdowns Seem Less Evil

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2 years ago

An extremely interesting video was dropped recently by Greg Reese at Banned.Video. Titled, "Forced Lockdowns Are Coming Back To America," it suggested that the reason we're seeing so much coverage of the Shanghai lockdown that's causing mass starvation, psychological damage, and countless deaths, is because American media is preparing us for lockdowns of our own.

The theory is by seeing how bad things are in Shanghai, we won't feel so badly about having to stay in our homes or lock down our businesses when Pandemic Panic Theater rears its ugly head. Moreover, the video suggests that we've seen something like this before in the early days of the pandemic when video out of China showed people literally falling over while simply walking in the streets.

Conspicuously, that didn't happen in the United States. Yes, people got sick but what we were seeing in "leaked" videos from China regarding Covid-19 didn't match our experience here at all. Is this all a propaganda campaign?

One piece of circumstantial evidence that does make sense is the fact that we're seeing the videos from Shanghai at all. China does not let information get out very easily. In fact, one would assume the could essentially lockdown the internet completely, making it nearly impossible for any videos of what's being done in Shanghai to see the light of day. Instead, we're seeing fresh videos come out constantly.

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