Forgiveness, Faith and Obedience - A Tale of Four Passovers

2 years ago

There are major differences between the Good Friday - Easter tradition and the biblical Passover- Unleavened Bread festival that relate to the issue of faith and obedience. Are we following the biblical instructions and 'hitting the target' or are we 'missing the mark' and continuing in sin. Are we disobedient like Adam who heard God's instructions but did not do them? Or, are we following in Jesus' footsteps who both listened to and performed all the the Father had asked him to do?

We demonstrate our obedience to God, in that having been forgiven, we step out in faith to do and to teach others to do God's will in all matters. The stories relating to the Passover give us a powerful testimony of the need for faithful obedience.
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It is God's spirit that leads us into all truth as we read his word.

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