NETFLIX movie 🎬 in the making

Published April 15, 2022 2,815 Views

Meghan lies. Harry lies. They went to visit the Queen at the "palace" ??? Everyone knows she lives at Windsor CASTLE! they stayed at frogmore cottage? Where was Eugenie and Jack? Where are their Children? And she gave her coat to a woman with a new baby because it was cold? Didn't the woman wrap her baby up properly? Then Netflix have this woman PARADING AROUND with a newborn baby wrapped in meghans coat. This is πŸŽ₯ 🎞 all planned to make the sussexes likeable. Prince William gave 500k to invictus, PRIVATELY well, you can find it on the Web but he didn't make a film about it! This is propaganda. They probably charged invictus or archewell for the private plane!! They are making millions from Netflix.....this is all fake news to make money. God bless the REAL HERO'S. those people who risked their lives for their country and lost limbs. That's what's important. I have no time for fake people.
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