9 months ago

How To Setup Your Solar Power

My solar power and battery setup, which wires to use and how to wire it.
Cost: (All the solar panels, the kit, the hub all from Harbor Freight in Dayton )
100 watt Thunder Bolt Solar Kit (Max 500 watts) $169.00 (on sale)
100 watt Thunder Bolt Solar Panels X 2 = $174.00 (They were on sale)
400 watt Thunder Bolt Solar Hub = $18.00
200Ah Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt = $377.00 DO NOT BUY THIS BATTERY IT'S GARBAGE - IT WILL NOT HOLD A CHARGE.
Plus Tax so about $798.00 that's about $32.00 less then one month of gas for the generators.

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