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⏩ After the release of the Stew Peters documentary, "Watch the Water", Dr. Bryan Ardis was inundated by people asking how he knows there is something in our water. Ardis went onto Steel Media to make this statement - "When he (Stew Peters) asked me what am I holding back, what am I not sharing, I told him a little bit about my theory that I think from all the research I've been looking at and being directed by God to look at I think there's actually a statement of connection to all of Covid19. I think that's the weapon. And he said, well, how would they be distributing that? And I said my honest opinion is I think it's in the water. That's what I told him. He took that and blew it up as the big story and I called him immediately every time he released this trailer teaser about the, called it water, watch the water - that wasn't my story. My story has never been to create fear, panic, and anxiety about water. I just happened to tell him that I believe they're doing it in the water. I still believe they're doing it in the water but that's not what I'm going to talk about." ... "For all future interviews in the world please stop asking me how I know it's in the water. It's in the water! You wanna know how I know it's in the water? The CDC has 400 sites right now where they're PCR testing your city water looking for it. It's obviously in the water. They're been testing your city water since January 2020." ⏪

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