Episode 344: Source of Provision and Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited

2 years ago

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This week is a short followup from last week as I ask ‘What is the Source of Provision’ in our lives? In this time of economic upheaval, the echo chambers all look to the government to provide solutions. Really? The founding era had comparable and worse economic maladies but they had strong pulpit leaderships that looked to the true source of provision.

The majority of this program is a blast from the past. With this being Easter week I was looking for an easy way by doing a program rerun. Well, for technical reasons, I could not get a 2015 program to meet the sound quality I wanted therefore, this is a fresh program. Not only did I want to emphasize the ‘Source of Provision’ but also the historical prophetic writing of ‘Brutus Anti-federalist Revisited.’ Robert Yates, Brutus, argues against the Federal Constitution with this simple thought in mind:

'But if, on the other hand, this form of government contains principles that will lead to the subversion of liberty -- if it tends to establish a despotism, or, what is worse, a tyrannic aristocracy; then, if you adopt it, this only remaining assylum for liberty will be shut up, and posterity will execrate (feel or express great loathing for) your memory.’

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