CNN The Most Treasonous Name In News

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1 year ago

Do you want to know a true barometer of America's disdain for the invasion of our southern border? Look no further than the massive failure of the Biden Administration's cheerleading squad. CNN.....The most treasonous name in news.

CNN's abysmal failure projected a billion dollar streaming service that would rival all the others. Expected to bring in a few million viewers an hour to begin with. But only managed to rake in 10,000 gullible minions per day. Which is likely more like a few hundred after CNN's 4000 employees and their families dutifully tune in.

This catastrophe is more of a measuring of the mind of America than any poll. You can't lie to people day after day, get caught week after week, play down a child sex trafficking scandal amongst your employees and expect to skyrocket in the ratings as a News organization. All the hubris of Chris Wallace and buffoonery of Brian Stelter can't put humpty Zucker back together again.

And so, even for anyone on the left with a lick of sense, the blind fold of propaganda is slipping off of the stark reality of the massive unrelenting national security threat pummeling the United State's southern border everyday.

A wide open border surging into the United States with the Cartel's deadly fentanyl poison.

As the DEA reported "Only weeks ago, the DEA reported overdose deaths in the U.S. had topped 100,000 for the first time over a 12-month period ending last spring. Last year, fatal overdoses rose by more than 40 percent across both D.C. and Virginia. As of Aug. 2021, D.C. had already surpassed the number of drug overdose deaths for the year prior. In the District, this overdose problem is disproportionately impacting black residents and communities, who make up almost 85 percent of all fatal drug overdoses since 2015, according to the D.C. medical examiner’s office.

The Commonwealth of Virginia and Maryland drug overdose deaths are on track to outpace the already tragic previous few years.

And into Biden's hellscape. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is relocating busloads of thousands of undocumented immigrants from who knows where with zero understanding of our nation's laws and its deadly vices into the District Of Criminal's streets.

If there are any lawmakers listening. Don't stop with Washington D.C. Deliver these hordes to the front steps of CNN, MSNBC, and the Mockingbird media's headquarters. They will welcome them with open arms.

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