Over 1,000 Ukrainian troops have surrendered in Mariupol, Russia’s MoD confirms

Published April 14, 2022 3,797 Views

More than 1,000 Ukrainian 36th Brigade Marines operating in Mariupol have surrendered in recent days, Russia’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed. Speaking on Wednesday, the ministry reported that the troops had been based at the Illich Steel and Iron Works, but were ultimately left with no choice but to lay down their arms.

Russian medics administered first aid to 151 soldiers before moving them to a local hospital. Some were dressed in civilian clothes, claiming their uniforms had been burnt. Reporter Alexander Sladkov, on the ground at the time, says the troops were dirty and disheveled, having been abandoned by their commanding officers. This claim was backed up by a statement posted on the 36th Brigade’s Facebook page on Monday, claiming they had been left with no food or water, ‘drinking from puddles,’ and with no ammunition or supplies.

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