Queensland Health Minister can't explain sudden 40%⬆ heart attacks, chest pains, respiratory issues

1 year ago

Queensland, Australia Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has no clue what could've caused a sudden 40% increase in code 1 heart attacks, chest pains and respiratory issues. What she does know, however, is that it was not the COVID injections, because the dogma says that "vaccines actually help people stay out of hospital, not put them in hospital".

NOTE: Code 1 is an emergency service response code. In Queensland it means: "Immediate risk of death to a person. Proceed lights and sirens. Permission granted to disobey road rules."


"Yvette Maree D'Ath (born 26 July 1970) is an Australian politician. She is a Labor member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland representing the seat of Redcliffe. D'Ath is currently the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services and Leader of the House."


SOURCE: https://twitter.com/ausvstheagenda/status/1514153082976075781

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