11 months ago

Is Your Property Next? | Activate America

Totalitarian government does not come in a flash. It may seem so to those who don’t know their history and the wiles of those who mean to rule the people when it does come. It really comes in incremental steps; the first steps do not seem too onerous to worry about. However, gradually, these steps increase over time and then become more frequent. A great example of this is private property rights– Do you really own your property?

Action Items:
1.) Watch The Constitution is the Solution series: https://jbs.org/video/constitution/
2.) Read Art's book, CHINA: The Deep State's Trojan Horse in America: https://shopjbs.org/product/china-the-deep-state-s-trojan-horse-in-america/
3.) Share this video with at least 2 people

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