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2 years ago

Homemade Primers - Join a MeWe Group Called "Primer Reloading"

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If you are a little skittish or intimidated by the chemical terms - I've formed a "less technical group" called "Primer Reloading For Beginners".

I strongly encourage you to join both. I have a strong affinity to the "Primer Reloading" group but our chat/comments can get so technical that I felt they would be too intimidating to the average patriot.

If you just want to pick up this new skill but feel like you need a chemistry degree to understand the chatter - the "For beginners" group is for you.

I can assure you this: Marshall (the author of Homemade Primer Course) will make reloading primers not only possible - but fun.


Place yourself back in control and put a permanent end to this primer shortage by learning a new skill. It's doable, it's safe, and it's provided to you (Patriots only please) free of charge.

Patreon (Help Me - Help You):

The MeWe chat forums consist of the best group of guys on the internet in primer reloading and other skills and you're now a part of it.

Primer Reloading group (known as Second Floor):


If you find the Primer Reloading group chat too technical, try the ground floor:


You will be welcomed in both!!!

I publish much of this info on:


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