Interest Of Justice Establishes Strict Limits For The WHO; Pandemic Treaty Public Hearing

1 year ago

The WHO invited Interest Of Justice to the historic WHO pandemic treaty public hearing as a stakeholder, panelist and speaker. The lucky break to speak was because GAVI was unprepared when called and lost their spot which prompted the WHO to randomly call Interest Of Justice.

The transcript is here:

"We request the following:

All technical recommendations and limitations to rights in an emergency shall conform to the requirements set in the Siracusa Principles.

No treaty can be binding which confers upon the WHO the power to issue or enforce pandemic guidance which may supplant the nations constitution, written definitions and sovereign legislation.

Persecution and censorship of diversity of opinion regarding WHO’s “evolving science” is expressly prohibited; free and open discourse shall be protected and encouraged in the public interest to prevent imbalance of power and systematic violations of human rights

The centralization of national health data, gene and biotechnology, AI with Big Tech and media, poses an international security threat that must be prevented at all costs.

Pre-determination and punishment of misinformation with no written law defining misinformation backed by science and due process, is prohibited by law and punishable.

The WHO shall not exaggerate the seriousness of the diagnosis, complicate the treatment, or artificially create alarm situations in response to spurious interests; if found guilty the member states should agree to permanently stop all funding and relationships with the WHO, in the public interest

The WHO must immediately declare all yearly funders with full transparency and allow for independent oversight with the ability to immediately remove all conflicts of interest

The Member States require WHO agrees to be liable in the event that damages arise from the use of the guidance

The final decision in a truly democratic process, should be made by the people rather than the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body which may be widely perceived as biased and usurping individual and national sovereignty.

Procedures for meaningful participation by all people in the enforcement of human rights enshrined in Siracusa Principles shall be made readily available in all future WHO pandemic guidance"

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