MIKE ADAMS ~ Dr. Bryan Ardis Reveals BOMBSHELL Origins of Covid ~ Vaccine Snake Venom Connection

Published April 12, 2022 11,372 Views

Great interview with Mike Adams from NaturalNews.com and who also owns Brighteon.com

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April 11/2022 ~ Dr. Ardis and Stew Peters: Is There a Snake Venom Like Chemical In the Jabs? This is HUGE! This is Mind Blowing and It's Going Viral! Watch the Entire Video as Dr. Ardis Connects the Dots - WOW!

Dr. Bryan Ardis & Scott McKay ~ Cobra Snake Venom IS Covid ~ It's Also In the Jabs AND Water Supply! This is HUGE and this interview with Scott McKay/Patriot Street Fighter is WAY better and has a TON more details, evidence and information than the interview with Stew Peters and Mike Adams!


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