WATCH THE WATER 🛑DANGER🛑 COVID-19 Virus & Vaccines Bioweapon is Royal King Cobra Snake Venom

2 years ago

WATCH THE WATER 🛑DANGER🛑 COVID-19 Virus & Vaccines Bioweapon is Royal King Cobra Snake Venom

-Corona = Crown = Royal = King
-Most Satanic Evil Biblical Christianity Symbol = Reptilians Serpent = Adam and Eve and the Venomous Apple Bites from the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
-Most Evil Dangerous Venomous snake = Royal King Cobra
-Serpent Logo of Health services, ambulances, medical emergency, EMS, WHO World Health Organization
-Virus original definition = Venom
-Black Goo = Venom
-Corona Virus = King Cobra Venom
-Vaccines = Mark of the Beast = Getting bitten by venomous serpent.
-When getting bitten by venomous serpent = Respiratory illness, can't breath, loss of taste and smell, blood cloths, organs failure.
-What did George Floyd "Fake death" said = I Can't Breath. During a respiratory illness plandemic.
-Trump strange story in rallies of the venomous snake who bites and kills was giving us clues.
-What protects against venomous snakes bites = Zinc, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Quercetin, N.A.C, Vit. C, Copper, Nicotine, Bentonite Clay, Corticosteroids, Budesonide.
-COVID Venom can be injected and mixed in Municipal Water worldwide. (WATCH THE WATER).
-Transhumanism DNA Gene Editing with reptilian King Cobra.
-Humans are being mixed with reptilians on the surface of earth so they can live out of the inner earth.
-This is why they want less sun, more cold, afraid of global warming, they prefer reptilians environment ecosystem.
-The more vaccines and boosters they take, the more they will transform like the Crispr gene editing. Next generations will be mixed up with reptilians for those who are not dead from venom. Next gen. will be immunize to the venom.
-We are being ruled and controlled by a reptilian satanic cult/race who wants to poison us with venom so that we suffocate and can't breath.
-There's NO coincidence! It is all planned.

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