1 year ago


Incredible new video has emerged of police officers allowing protesters into the Upper West Terrace Doors of the United States Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

A source exclusively released this footage to The Gateway Pundit. It is a tightly edited video meant to be presented in court to defend two men currently facing felony charges for obstruction of and Official Proceeding on January 6th.

This video was originally obtained from the United States Department of Justice after the media joined a motion to have it released. It has gone largely under the radar until it was put into context by our source, who carefully edited the video so the average viewer can understand what is going on.

In the video, we see the same scene from two different vantage points side-by-side of the interior house cameras of the US Capitol. Both cameras were facing the same door on the Upper West Terrace from opposite directions. The identical time codes in the videos can be seen in the upper left corners.

The video show police behaving like museum staff security guards as they stand or walk idly by as unknowing men and women walk through a small set of Capitol doors carrying American flags and Trump signs. Many are innocently occupied by taking selfie videos of themselves and the crowd, apparently excited to be inside the People’s House and wanting to commemorate the occasion. They are oblivious to the political persecution, shame and the witch hunters that will come for them later, or they surely would have made a 360 out of there and turned off cameras off.

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