R$E: Beware of the Satanic 'New Age' Truth Movement! [09.04.2022]

2 years ago

This video is not to imply that every conspiracy theory is wrong, there is often truth mixed together with disinfo and false teaching. The video is also not implying that "The Pope" or "Klaus Shwab", "Bill Gates" etc are legitimate figures of government or authority. They are not. But the Bible does teach us to respect legitimate authority that God has placed on this earth as a sword to bring justice and praise of good (when functioning correctly). We have a call to respect and pray for those in power, that we can live peaceable lives for the Gospel, until we are asked to compromise our faith. At which point we obey God, over men. God bless.

Note: I am not a Pastor or theologian, RISE is simply an outreach ministry to show the signs of the times, explain the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to be a watchman on the wall in these last days.

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