Mother Earth’s“Cleansing”and the Rapture: How the Green Narrative Is the Demonic Lie for the Rapture

2 years ago

The world is going to have to have an excuse for why millions of people disappear in the Rapture. Fortunately, the forces of darkness have already shown their hand. According to people who channel demons and fallen angels, the forces of darkness already have a deceptive lie in place that will be used to explain away the Rapture. That lie goes in concert with the Green Agenda that is currently being fostered by the ungodly such as Globalist, Leftist, UN, nations, politics, World Economic Forum, Big Corp, Big tech, Colleges and universities, schools, entertainment industry and the Media. Save the plate is the cry! But When one sees where this kind of Green information originates from, then you will see that there is a dragon behind it. A Green dragon.

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