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How Adventist Health Glendale Hospital treated a vaccine injured patient

Amanda Damian is vaccine injured. She is also one of the key people organizing the Defeat the Mandates rally in Los Angeles (April 10, 2022).

Amanda had a seizure shortly after midnight on April 8. She was taken by ambulance to Adventist Health Glendale Hospital.

The quality of care she received at the hospital is apalling.

She has a nurse (Angela Wulbrecht who was formerly a trauma nurse at UCSF) travelling with her that saw the whole thing. They wouldn't let her in the ambulance, and when Amanda was admitted, the hospital refused to let the nurse in the room.

The attending nurse was told to insert an IV into Amanda even though she already had a PICC line installed which was plainly visible and noted to the paramedics.

When Amanda called her doctor to protest and her doctor agreed this was not appropriate, the attending doctor told Amanda's doctor "this is no longer a productive conversation" and returned the phone to Amanda.

Amanda then requested to be released against medical advice (AMA) and returned to the hotel.

The hospital plans to bill her for her visit there even though they never touched her.

This is the type of compassionate care delivered by Adventist Health Glendale Hospital. I am baffled how these decisions were in the best interest of the patient.

In this video, Amanda, then Angela, explain what happened so you can hear it directly from them.

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