Report 282: Electron Microscopy Expert & Scientist Dr. Robert Young Demolishes "Virus" Micrographs

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Robert Young, a 40-year electron microscopy expert and biochemist and nutrition scientist examines the "virus" micrographs published by governments and health "authorities" and describes what they really are: exosomes or repair proteins which are a by-product of cell membrane breakdown in the presence of chemical toxins or radiation assault, despatched by the body's innate intelligence system to prevent internal bleeding and activate a protective clotting mechanism in the process of removal of toxins and self-healing, wrongfully identified by many in Science, Microbiology, and Public Health as viruses.

Dr. Young also once more painstakingly addresses the matter of what true health is: an alkaline aspect to all body fluids through healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle, and a correction of disease-making choices which would impose a heavy acid load on the body with green fruits and vegetables, living foods, exercise and restoring pH of the urine -- a marker of what is happening in the interstitial and body fluids -- to 8.4.

Viruses have not been proved to exist nor been purified in isolate, but the medical industry run by Pharma continues to push the theory of viruses--an invention, not a reality, and a sad and criminal deception of humanity which is now causing thousands of lives to succumb to the deadly poisons of vaccines.

Knowledge and education in true health and what disease really is -- outfection not infection -- Dr. Young says, is the true path forward to health for one and all. Personal and individual health is what we need to focus on, not chimeras of mass infection, pandemics, and "public health" all of which seem to have been built up as lies to permit authoritarianism, fascism, tyranny, and the subjugation of people.

It is not too late to wake up, to learn more, to speak out--and to help educate others. This video as you can see was badly cyberhacked and attacked--for what reason and by who? All we are both trying to do in this interview and presentation is help get to the bottom of the matter of viruses in order to empower humanity to take charge of their own health.

Many thanks to Dr. Young for persisting in speaking out despite his frustration that physicians and healthcare departments are not listening: what matters is that people who have no insights into this matter, as he describes, and who cannot afford expensive electron microscopes, benefit from his learning and his care for humanity, and learn what he knows and shares with all: viruses have been an invention of Pharma from the start, are being used against us now to remove our freedoms, and need to be exposed as non-existent.

Part of the ongoing series on Terrain versus Germs, this podcast interview is vitally important in addressing the entrenched deceit of the vast corporate Harma behemoth: please share this one widely.

The Terrain is Everything, the Germ is Nothing, says Dr. Young -- and the reason this rings true to many of us is because we have lived through disease and remaking health ourselves, we know instinctively what is true.


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