Mobile phone activates photoluminescence in Covid vaxx self-assembling nanoparticles

2 years ago

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April 3, 2022 | EXCLUSIVE: Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide:

22.06: "What they've told me, these researchers, is that there are thousands of these in one single drop of blood. What are the implications of thousands of these structures being inside a single drop of blood? And mind you, they're self-assembling and I'm going to show you evidence of that. We have videos. These are the videos here. So this one that you're watching now -- I'm going to play that again for you. You can see, it almost has legs. I'll keep playing it and we'll talk about it. It almost has legs and it's moving and there's more attaching to it. There's more assembly happening as it moves.

"This first one - I'm going to play this video for you, actually. So, as you're watching here, watch it light up. Hang on, let me pause these. Watch it light up! Do you know why that's lighting up? That's lighting up when they used a mobile phone next to it. This is happening when they used a mobile phone next to it. I'm going to play that for you again. Sorry, guys. It looks like I just have to keep looping it. Just watch that first one. It's already luminous. There's the mobile phone. So then they switched off the phone. In a moment, you'll see it go dim again. And then they switched it back on. This is happening inside human beings when they're using their phones after they've been injected. I'll just play this one again. You watch all these things lighting up and what they've told me is that they'll continue to stay lit for days. That's not normal. Days! Watch this one. This is like -- it's like a worm or a -- I don't even know -- it's moving, it's wiggling. It starts off straight and then it curves. Are they self-aware? Are they assembling due to mobile phone use? Are they - what's sparking this? Again, this is how it starts and then you bring a mobile phone near it and it does this! It stops, and then the mobile phone makes it go crazy again." Ends 25.18

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