Robert Cohen: Milk - The Deadly Poison

Published April 8, 2022 1,516 Views

Robert Cohen (The Author Of "Milk: The Deadly Poison") Has Performed Research In Psychoneuroendocrinology In The 1970s On The Hormonal Effects On The Brain And Behavior. Twenty-Five Years Later, This Father Of Three Became Concerned About The Most Controversial Drug Approved In FDA History, The Genetically Engineered Hormone That Is Now In Our Milk Supply. Along The Way, He Discovered That Milk Is Implicated In Causing Breast Cancer, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, And Chronic Childhood Illnesses. Cohen's Skills As A Researcher, And His Passion For The Safety Of His Family, Led To His Single-Minded Pursuit To Expose The Truth About Milk. Based On His Exhaustive And Comprehensive Research Of The Past Six Years, Cohen Predicted The Mad Cow Disease Outbreak.

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