Important Vlog Update about SSF and YPX News

1 year ago

Important Vlog Update about Super Soldier Forum and YPX News

I Know I have not made a video in a while so I would like to share some things going on with my life. I just got a new MacBook pro which I plan to make more videos with. I have been approached by people who have been to wilderness programs before who offered to be interviewed but most of them have backed out before the interview actually took place. Please reach out to me about your wilderness experience even if you do not want to be interviewed. I would still like to know about it. However I would really like to interview more people about their wilderness experience. I am also looking for people who have encountered aliens or government projects that are willing to share what they have learned. You are free to share with me in private as your not required to make an interview with me about the topics you want to discus but It helps get the message out if you agree to do an interview. I wish I was a better writer and could share more of what I have learned on YPX News, but a lot of the information I learn is not to be shared online unfortunently. If you would like to support me, YPX News and Super Soldier Forum all you have to do is listen to my album titled “anything” by “Queen poodle” you can go to to learn more about the album, its on iTunes, spotify, pandora, and youtube music and more. Another great way to help is to become a patron and donate 1 dollar or more a month. Finally you can also help by watching my Rumble Videos as most of them are monitized. Please Reach out to me using my contact page on, Private Message Me on Super Soldier Forum. I am nate grey, or email me at

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