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Mount Merapi Eruption. May 11, 20181m53s

Mount Merapi Eruption. May 11, 2018

(Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Friday morning (May 11, 2018. 07.50 GMT +7) Indonesia's most active volcano has erupted, sending a giant ash column 18,000 ft into the sky and forcing families living nearby to evacuate their homes. Mount Merapi's sudden eruption on Friday morning was accompanied by a rumbling sound with medium to strong pressure. People living within three miles of the crater fled as the volcano spewed out sand and pyroclastic material, with many heading to barracks set up for the displaced.

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Biggest "Treadmill" Ever30s

Biggest "Treadmill" Ever

JAKARTA - Seen some stupid people who forced themselves up the escalator that started down for faster crossing the station platform. This is very dangerous.

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Like Movie Scene - Failed Robbery Attempt Caught on CCTV2m53s

Like Movie Scene - Failed Robbery Attempt Caught on CCTV

BANJARMASIN, INDONESIA - Like move scene, the action of robbers foiled by the victims, the victims catch robbers when trying to flee on a motorbike. Fortunately near the scene there is a policeman on patrol, so that the two robbers survived from angry mob.

Published: March 24, 201721 views
Stupid Biker Cross Pedestrian Bridge42s

Stupid Biker Cross Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian bridge should only intended for pedestrians. However, in Jakarta, has become a common sight, bikers use it to pass. As in the video, the pedestrian bridge has been used to cross bikers, in order to shorten the travel time and avoid congestion. However, not all went smoothly. One of the biker fell and slid down back, because it is not strong uphill.

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Funny Animal Video - Dog Riding Scooter1m29s

Funny Animal Video - Dog Riding Scooter

Dog caught on camera was riding a scooter with his owner in Manado City - North Celebes, Indonesia. The dog was called Sydney wearing sunglasses, looked right and left during his leadership of the motorcycle while the owner was sitting behind him and hold him. The dog was able to maintain the balance of the motorcycle and walk in a straight line on the road.

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Worst parking lot exit ever49s

Worst parking lot exit ever

Looks a woman who had finished shopping and would be moved from the store. Immediately she turned on the bike and will take it out of the parking lot. The first thing she did was turn to the left, because it was not enough to move the motorcycle next to him. She could have just backed off and step on the gas, but she did not want to do so.

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