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Decoupage easter eggs 1m44s

Decoupage easter eggs

Take napkins with motives you like and cut parts of them you like most. Then take small brush and plain egg white and "glue" parts of napkin on cooked egg and you will get unique easter eggs! To get sparkly one - just put cooked egg in red wine and leave it over night. Have fun!

Puppy luvs his cat 37s

Puppy luvs his cat

love between this little puppy and his friend cat is unbreakable. they are enjoying eachoter company and share some hugs and kisses before bedtime ;-)

Published: February 4, 201816 views
cat and the baloon 58s

cat and the baloon

This syamese cat likes to play with the baloons. Its interesting that so far he didnt blow any with his claws 😂

Cat walks on leash with dogs30s

Cat walks on leash with dogs

This cat lives peacefully with three other dogs, so it's no wonder he is able to join them on their walks! What a unique kitty!

Published: September 7, 201721,782 plays$27.59 earned
Cat has full on wrestling match with dog friend 47s

Cat has full on wrestling match with dog friend

This cat was found thrown away in plastic bag and left to die. His life has been saved and was adopted by this family. He has become best pals with their dog and the two can be seen here engaging in some epic playtime together!

Published: August 30, 201730,477 plays$42.68 earned
Cat wants to wrestle, dog wants to relax1m44s

Cat wants to wrestle, dog wants to relax

This is one of those unusual friendship scenarios in which a cat and a dog have become very great friends. Take a look at how their play-fighting turns into cuddles and kisses. Very cute!

Published: August 9, 201757,594 plays$54.15 earned