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Baby walks onto busy road in New Zealand39s

Baby walks onto busy road in New Zealand

As I was driving home a baby walked onto the road. I pulled over to jump out and save it but the car behind me tried to overtake so I swerved nearly hitting the car that is what the beep was. Video filmed in Highbury, New Zealand

Amazing Street Drumming4m14s

Amazing Street Drumming

This is Dylan Elise with some of the most impressive drum skills I have ever seen.

Published: August 2, 2017Updated: August 3, 201745 views
Amazing high wind helicopter rescue3m47s

Amazing high wind helicopter rescue

This is two people being rescued in high winds by helicopter from the Manawatu Gorge in New Zealand after their truck went off the edge into the river. Two police officers jumped into the freezing cold water to save them and have been described as "heroes" after they spent an hour submerged in the Manawatu River keeping the head of a truck driver above water. Both people in the truck were taken to the hospital and did not have serious injuries. Three of their rescuers were also taken to the hospital but were not admitted. Outstanding joint effort from all the emergency services involved.

Published: July 27, 2017Updated: July 28, 20175,757 views
Cute New Zealand Rare White Kiwi's Playing 1m38s

Cute New Zealand Rare White Kiwi's Playing

It may seem like a fight but this is normal behavior for the extremely rare white Kiwi. These flightless birds are only found on small islands, special trapped areas, and in captivity. Introduced predators have wiped them out on the mainland. This white Kiwi Manakura is actually a Brown Spotted Kiwi Bird.

Published: June 8, 201720 views
Seal pup attempts to play with drone3m27s

Seal pup attempts to play with drone

Having a drone must be very awesome. Whether you are a professional at video recording or just an enthusiast, being able to record images and video footage with a drone is truly marvelous. Think about all the possibilities! Inaccessible terrain, timid wildlife, ferocious beasts, they can all be caught on video with the help of a drone! The owner of this drone caught this awesome moment on camera when his low-flying drone captures the attention of a seal pup. How cool is that? Seal pups are well known for their curious and playful nature, so wildlife enthusiasts are careful not to cause them any harm while observing these adorable animals.

Published: May 30, 2017Updated: May 31, 201733,163 viewsVirality: 3%
Bikes being stolen caught on camera 1m58s

Bikes being stolen caught on camera

New Zealand Police have released amazing footage of bikes being stolen caught on camera. They are hoping that more people will use D style locks.

Published: May 2, 2017Updated: May 3, 20171,196 viewsVirality: 56%
Bird catches massive eels during New Zealand flooding2m00s

Bird catches massive eels during New Zealand flooding

While one news agency was doing a live feed, a lone cormorant is caught on camera catching massive eels, but he bit off more than he could chew as they all ended up getting away. This was filmed during cyclone Debbie smashing New Zealand causing widespread flooding.

Published: April 6, 2017Updated: April 10, 20173,554 viewsVirality: 4%
Curious Red Deer Fascinated By Hovering Drone57s

Curious Red Deer Fascinated By Hovering Drone

Red deer are extraordinary creatures, found on almost every continent on the planet. They are know as timid animals and usually run away at the sight of predators or humans, making them almost impossible to film while interacting. But what if you had a camera drone? One person in New Zealand had an extraordinary chance to record on video small herd of grazing red deer, led by a massive stag. The does all scatter at the sight of the buzzing drone approaching, but the stag held his ground. Watch as he comes closer to the drone, sniffing it and watching closely at the unusual object in front of him. A truly one-of-a-kind experience in the New Zealand wild! Investing into a camera drone seems to be a very good idea indeed. If you set it up properly, use the right equipment and treat it right, your camera drone will be able to show you the world from a whole new perspective. Inaccessible terrain, timid wildlife, ferocious beasts, they can all be caught on video with the help of a drone! Just check out how this person managed to get close enough to a seal pup, who was curious enough to check out the buzzing drone! Be sure to share this awesome footage with all your wildlife-loving friends.

Published: March 15, 2017Updated: March 17, 2017531,802 viewsVirality: 1%
Do you trust the New Zealand media? 😱 #NOTFAKENEWS 6m41s

Do you trust the New Zealand media? 😱 #NOTFAKENEWS

Had enough of fake news yet?, we asked New Zealanders "Do you trust the New Zealand media?" What about you?... has the spread of fake news effected trust in the media?. Comment and tell us what you think. America's CNN, Fox and trump saga is nothing like New Zealand media.

Published: February 25, 2017Updated: February 27, 201712 views
Fairfax NZ or calls Whales 'floating sushi'40s

Fairfax NZ or calls Whales 'floating sushi'

New Zealand's largest online news stuff owned by Fairfax NZ has been caught out calling a beautiful whale that was filmed blowing a rainbow nothing more than "floating sushi" Whale watch Kaikoura were sad to see our largest online news site refer one great reason for tourism as nothing more than food. Whales are not eaten in New Zealand and most of the world frowns about eating them. They changed the story after we complained to as many Whale places we could find. The story now reads: "They're majestic mammals - but are they also magical?" " A whale has shown its enchanting side by appearing to blow an incredible rainbow as it surfaced." Asher Finlayson responsible for video at stuff the head of media at Fairfax New Zealand was unreachable for comment.

Published: December 8, 2016Updated: December 9, 201614 views