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Photo_Land - photographed by Golan Lavi42s

Photo_Land - photographed by Golan Lavi

Photo_Land - photographed by Golan Lavi Photo Land is a photography agency that markets and sells photos. selling photos, illustrations, graphic designs, drawings, videos, and music clips through various agencies around the world selling pictures, on web sites,that are printed on a variety of surfaces, such as canvas, photo paper, etc. sending photographers on photographic missions around the world according to customer demand monetizing videos across different networks - making money from videos Details about Photo Land Agency: It's a platform that helps artists and photographers sell their artwork. Join the agency free of charge, with no obligation and no exclusivity. The artist sends pictures to the agency, and we handle everything until the sale. For every sale of Photo Land, a 30% sales commission is deducted from each transaction. After we receive payment from the various sites, we pay the photographers. For more details please contact: