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Aggressive Duck40s

Aggressive Duck

Wait until you see how aggressive this duck is when chasing his rival away so he can eat ALL of the food!

Cat Versus Dog44s

Cat Versus Dog

FINALLY! The cat wins, Snow walked away and Spring was victorious!

Published: October 8, 20163,201 plays$7.55 earned
true love 228s

true love 2

Snow and Sammy are soul mates, when they see the camera they stop acting cute.

Published: September 16, 201623 views
Dog and cat engage in hilariously epic stand-off1m17s

Dog and cat engage in hilariously epic stand-off

It's like watching a scene out of a classic Western film except neither one wants to make the first move. How will this intense stand-off end between Snow the dog and Caesar the cat? You'll just have to watch to find out!

Published: March 24, 20163,888 plays$6.52 earned