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Dog howls along to random MacBook sounds54s

Dog howls along to random MacBook sounds

There is always that one thing in this world that we cannot stand. For some people it is a certain habit that people do and for others it can be a certain sound or picture. None the less these things can get on your nerves. These are known as pet peeves. It seems that animals can get these pet peeves as well! In this hilarious clip, watch as Maggy the dog starts howling as soon as she hears the sounds coming from a Mac Book laptop. It seems as if she does not like the noises at all! Talk about funny! This is one hilarious clip that you are not going to want to miss! This dog is adorable! Who would have thought that simple sounds coming from a computer could make a dog start to howl at it? Dogs hear a lot differently than we people do so maybe that is why she does not like those sounds. In fact, dogs can even hear higher pitches of noises that humans cannot. Humans can only hear about up to 23,000 Hz in their prime, while as dogs can hear up to about 45,000 Hz! That is almost double that of most humans! Overall, this dog seems to be really happy, despite the fact that she does not like the noises. Her owners must take great care of her; walking her, playing with her and feeding her the best dog food !

Published: July 21, 20176,352 views
Funny Dog Hilariously Howls Along To Music Notes40s

Funny Dog Hilariously Howls Along To Music Notes

The singing competition show American Idol might be seeing it’s last season this year, but that doesn’t stop one adorable little pooch from practicing to her heart’s content! This insanely viral video proves how far she is prepared to go in order to be the next American Idol! When her owner begins to play some music on a smartphone app, Maggie the dog instantly joins in the harmony and howls along to the tunes. Her singing will definitely put a smile on your face! The melody that user viktoroh is playing on his smartphones is a sad and melancholic one, and we might just know why. Maggie thinks that her chance to become and Idol has long passed, so she howl along to the sad tune, throwing her head back and looking at her owner with such sadness in her eyes. You can tell she feel the melancholy in the notes, as they touch the darkest corners of her soul She is very musical, you know. Viktoroh’s channel is filled with videos of Maggie’s musical endeavors. Check out this clip where she practises her harmonic along her owner’s snooze melody Don’t worry, little Maggie! The world does need its next Idol and you will surely win that competition! IG: @maggie.unchained

Published: November 29, 2016132,548 views
Have you ever seen a dog this excited before?28s

Have you ever seen a dog this excited before?

Once a dog gets to this level of excitement it's hard to bring it back down! Check out Maggie as she repeatedly sprints and jumps onto the bed, then jumping right back off. Now that's some classic dog entertainment! Credit to 'viktoroh'.

Published: June 9, 201569,164 views