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Hadoop Jobs9m55s

Hadoop Jobs

Hadoop is driving the companies towards massive hiring of Hadoop developers and experts. Take a look at this video, which ideates the attractive opportunities and prospects of Hadoop job market.

NDTV Coverage of Edureka Customers7m00s

NDTV Coverage of Edureka Customers

NDTV's interview with Edureka's Customers and Team over how Interactive Online Courses is shaping the new age of learning and replacing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS). The Video talks about the USP of Edureka which includes creating skill based online courses with multiple aspects such as Quality training module designed by Subject Matter Experts with Industry Knowledge, Real-life Projects, Well versed Instructors, Lifetime Learning & 24x7 Support.

Reasons to Learn Hadoop1m13s

Reasons to Learn Hadoop

The above video discusses some key factors to learn Hadoop. Join Hadoop training today and kick start your career today in Big Data field

Hadoop Job Opportunities1m26s

Hadoop Job Opportunities

As Hadoop job opportunities are in demand, join Hadoop training at Edureka and kick start your career in this exciting field. To know about our Hadoop training, visit our website.

R Analytics Training India2h22m33s

R Analytics Training India

Get started with R Analytics by joining R Analysis Online Training from Edureka. Our R Analysis Online Training includes interactive classes and great insights.Visit our website for more details.

Real World Use Cases of Hadoop1m34s

Real World Use Cases of Hadoop

Real world use cases of MongoDB are many and all the major companies start using MongoDB for their big data storage. If you want to make a career in MongoDb, join MongoDB training online at Edureka.

Hadoop Tutorial16m44s

Hadoop Tutorial

Get to know about Hadoop from Edureka's Hadoop tutorial for beginners. If you want to make Hadoop as your career join Hadoop training at Edureka. For more details visit our website.

Why Cassandra?1m42s

Why Cassandra?

As the job market for Apache Cassandra is at peak, it is right time for you to join Cassandra training and start your journey in Cassandra. If you want to join Cassandra training at Edureka, please visit our website.

Hadoop Admin Training3h12m18s

Hadoop Admin Training

Edureka offer Hadoop admin training at affordable price. For those want to learn Hadoop admin training, can join Hadoop admin training at Edureka

Android tutorial Introduction4m49s

Android tutorial Introduction

Edureka offers Android development training by industry experts at affordable price. If you want to take a free introductory instructor-led live class, visit our website

Android Development Training53m27s

Android Development Training

This tutorials covers the following topics such as an overview of Android, What is the scope of Learning Android and more. To create your own Android apps, join Android training at Edureka.

Introduction to Hadoop 2.01h53m23s

Introduction to Hadoop 2.0

This video gives you some basic introduction to Hadoop 2.0. Join Big Data training online from Edureka and kick start your career in Big Data and Hadoop.

Data Science Tutorial2h32m55s

Data Science Tutorial

You can join science Data Scientist Training Online from Edureka to become a data scientist. With data science training you can make better career and best pay in the industry.

PMP Training Certification1h16m05s

PMP Training Certification

Having PMP certification will certify your knowledge, experience and ability to successfully drive and manage a project. So opt for PMP Training Online from Edureka and become a certified PMP professional.

Apache Cassandra Advantages1m15s

Apache Cassandra Advantages

As more and more companies start using Cassandra, Cassandra jobs are in demand. So learn cassandra and grab a best job today. Edureka offers Online Cassandra Training at affordable cost.