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Snow Artist Makes The Most Astonishing Snow Drawings 1m16s

Snow Artist Makes The Most Astonishing Snow Drawings

Have you ever heard of the world’s first and most famous "Snow Artist"? Enjoy this opportunity to meet the breathtaking artist Simon Beck. Driven by super-human forces and undaunted by the powers of nature, he trudges across sand or through knee-high snow to create massive geometric drawings. Simon Beck produces about 30 snow drawings every winter in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the Alps. He started 10 years ago doing it for fun and now it is his main occupation. ‘When you have a blank piece of paper you draw on it,’ he says. ‘So drawing on a blank snowfall seemed like a natural thing to do.’ In this video, we have the amazing chance to see his talent in which he shares this time lapse with us that is sure to blow your mind. He creates a phenomenal drawing in the snow using a gigantic piece of land. That's so amazing! He makes his drawings using only a compass and by counting paces. Simon wears snowshoes, and by running in them makes a path. He cannot step outside the path since this will disturb the fresh snow. What an incredible talent! He loves doing mathematical shapes and he has favorite shapes too. His favorite are: Koch snowflake, Sierpinski triangle and Mandelbrot set. Beck takes pictures of all his artworks and earns his living by selling high-resolution copies of the photographs. We salute you Mr. Beck because you made something so simple and turned it into a sophisticated and amazing art!

Snow Waterbowl 51  part 11m20s

Snow Waterbowl 51 part 1

First of 5 time lapses of the creation of drawing #51 in the water bowl in Les Arcs, France. Made late May 2016, snow was melting but at least the site was not in the shadow of the mountain

Sand artist uses entire beach to create incredible drawing2m06s

Sand artist uses entire beach to create incredible drawing

Mandelbrot set images are made by sampling complex numbers and determining for each whether the result tends towards infinity when a particular mathematical operation is iterated on it. Get it? Not to worry, we don't either! All you need to do is admire this artist's amazing drawing of a Mandelbrot set in this phenomenal time lapse video.