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Moth caught on security camera10s

Moth caught on security camera

Motion activated security systems are really fun because you can watch your property moment to moment. Our security camera, Arlo, caught this beauty on candid camera!

George GETS the stick6s

George GETS the stick

Matt is so mean teasing George with the stick - it's their favorite game. But even Matt's six foot height is no match for George's super strong haunches! He got the stick this time!

Cutter Cam Magic Trick9s

Cutter Cam Magic Trick

Watching meat slicing is mesmerizing, so after staring at the screen for what probably felt like forever, then pulling out my camera, the meat slicers in the back started to have a little fun with me. They wave at me on the cutter cam! I thought it was just a mistake, but it did wake me up a little. Then they start waving again! I start looking around and locate the guys in the back totally making fun of me for obsessing over their sliced meat!

Chasing cats in his sleep6s

Chasing cats in his sleep

George is always hard at work keeping cats on alert. Even in his dreams, he'll chase them down and make sure they know who's boss!