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Navy Railgun Successfully Fires Multi-Shot Salvos1m34s

Navy Railgun Successfully Fires Multi-Shot Salvos

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) demonstrates the Navy's electromagnetic railgun initial rep-rate fires of multi-shot salvos at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. The revolutionary railgun relies on a massive electrical pulse, rather than gunpowder or other chemical propellants, to launch projectiles at distances over 100 nautical miles – and at speeds that exceed Mach 6. Credit to 'usnavyresearch'.

100-year-old Eva wakes up between 3-4 and heads for her sewing machine5m14s

100-year-old Eva wakes up between 3-4 and heads for her sewing machine

100-year-old Eva wakes up between 3-4 and heads for her sewing machine. She’s a woman on a mission with no time to waste. "I can't get up on a platform and give a message—that isn't my work. The Lord has given me hands with no arthritis, so I do a lot of sewing—I've been given a talent and I make use of it." Credit: Operation Christmas Child

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TubShroom™ in Action: No More Clogged Drains1m40s

TubShroom™ in Action: No More Clogged Drains

Check out the TubShroom™ in Action in this brand new TV and Internet Commercial for the revolutionary hair catcher. Say good-bye to clogged drains, drain cleaners, and messy clean-ups. Go with the best hair snare ever created. Credit: TubShroom Hair Catcher

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne ~ The Louisville Leopard Percussionists3m44s

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne ~ The Louisville Leopard Percussionists

The Louisville Leopard Percussionists is a non-profit organization offering extracurricular music opportunities to local children at little or no cost. The Louisville Leopard Percussionists (4th-6th graders) rehearsing Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne. The Louisville Leopard Percussionists began in 1993. They are a performing ensemble of approximately 55 student musicians, ages 7-12, living in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Each student learns and acquires proficiency on several instruments, such as marimbas, xylophone, vibraphone, drum set, timbales, congas, bongos and piano. Credit: The Louisville Leopard Percussionists

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Watch from the ISS as it passes over Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Irma!7m59s

Watch from the ISS as it passes over Hurricane Jose and Hurricane Irma!

The International Space Station passed over two major Atlantic hurricanes on Friday, Sept. 8. First, the station flew approximately 250 miles over Hurricane Jose at approximately 10:10 a.m. EDT while the Category 3 storm was in the Atlantic just east of the Caribbean. One orbit of the Earth later, the station flew over Hurricane Irma at approximately 11:40 a.m. EDT. The powerful Category 4 storm had already brought destructive wind and rain to islands across the Caribbean and is forecast to impact the Florida peninsula. Credit: NASA Johnson

The impossible texting & driving test2m14s

The impossible texting & driving test

More and more traffic accidents are due to texting. If we want to reduce the 1.2 million traffic victims worldwide each year, we have to act. How do you convince youngsters not to text while driving? Prove them it is a very bad idea: oblige them to text while driving! See how Belgian learner drivers reacted when they were told they had to pass the mobile phone test in order to get their driver's license. Credit: RYDBELGIUM

Potter's Lane - American Family Housing3m08s

Potter's Lane - American Family Housing

American Family Housing has built an innovative new community in Orange County using repurposed steel shipping containers! Potter’s Lane was completed in February 2017 and this 1st-in-the-nation energy-efficient and sustainable housing project fulfills one of the community's greatest needs: PERMANENT HOUSING FOR CHRONICALLY HOMELESS VETERANS. Please visit for more information and how you can get involved to help. Contact us at Credit: American Family Housing, Inc.

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving5m25s

WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

Thanks to a team of merry WestJetters and the power of technology, we've learned that miracles really do happen. Read our blog post to learn more about this video: Credit: WestJet

Passenger Films Flight Through The Eye Of Hurricane Irma1m36s

Passenger Films Flight Through The Eye Of Hurricane Irma

As if flying through regular bad weather isn't bad enough, this plane had to go through the eye (center) of one of the most horrific hurricanes in modern history. Currently, the most powerful Atlantic Ocean storm in recorded history is wrecking havoc across the Caribbean, leaving destruction in its wake. This hurricane, dubbed Hurricane Irma blasted past Puerto Rico on Wednesday after completely destroying a couple of smaller islands with tree-snapping winds, massive rains and pounding surf on a collision course with Florida. The eye of Irma was passing just north of Puerto Rico late on Wednesday, buffeting the U.S. island territory's capital, San Juan, with heavy rainfalls and freakishly strong winds that scattered tree limbs across all the roads. The view from the plane's window is eerie and almost surreal, like flying in a parallel universe that is gray and desolate. You can only hear the sound from the plane's engines, and raindrops hitting the windows at great speed. Nobody can imagine the atmosphere in the plane during this dangerous flight. Check out this tense video of a flight through the eye of Hurricane Irma on NOAA42. Flights on both the WP-3D Orion and G-IV NOAA49 continue. Credit Nick Underwood/NOAA

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Teen Born With A Rare Bone Condition Got Inspired To Become A Surgeon Herself1m20s

Teen Born With A Rare Bone Condition Got Inspired To Become A Surgeon Herself

If you saw her on the street, she would look to you like a very normal teenage girl. But for the 16 years that she has been on this world, Miranda Tymoschuk has had 11 major leg surgeries, one of which to lengthen her leg. Miranda was born with a rare condition called posteromedial bowing of the tibia and fibula, which means that one of her legs was bent up slightly and shorter than the other. Her stays at the Royal Columbian Hospital started when she was only about 7 years old, in Grade Two. She would wear a painful metal brace that would keep her leg straight so that it might heal longer. The discreteness of her condition makes for some really awkward situations in public. When Miranda and her mom decided to have a lunch at a local restaurant, after a trip to the doctor’s, they had to wait in line for some 15 minutes. All that standing made Miranda tired and in pain, so she sat down in a chain left to the side. The teen’s actions made people judge her, even scold her loudly. One lady from the line even approached her and told her that she should offer the seat to someone older, even though everyone waiting declined the seat. Miranda keeps it on the bright side though, saying that she forgives these people, since not everyone can see the scars and difference in anatomy. The cheerful tee says that the excellent care and positive attitude of the staff at RCH has inspired her to become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon herself! Credit to 'Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation'.

Brilliant App Lets You Try IKEA Furniture In Your Home Before Purchasing It1m25s

Brilliant App Lets You Try IKEA Furniture In Your Home Before Purchasing It

IKEA is like chocolate, in the sense that, if someone tells you that they hate IKEA, they are most probably lying! They have such a huge selection of fantastic furniture and home accessories, it is easy to get lost in the labyrinth that is an IKEA store. So much so, that some of us actually think several times before starting the car and driving to the nearest store. Others don’t even have that luxury, so they might scroll through the website and sigh every time they see something cute that will definitely look awesome in the corner. But how can you know if some armchair or lamp will look good in your space or not? IKEA proves that they think ahead of time and they have the perfect solution for everyone that can’t coordinate themselves in space. In this clip, they demonstrate the power of Apple’s ARKit by using your camera in real time to place virtual IKEA furniture in your space, properly scaled and aligned, of course, and take a snap when you are done. The revolutionary mobile app will transform the way you shop from IKEA from the comfort of your own home, sweet home. So far, the app is only available for iPhone users and comes with Apple’s iOS 11 update, due in October. Augmented reality is not the stuff of movies any longer! Credit to 'IKEA'.

Fragile Childhood's Anti-Drinking Campaign1m00s

Fragile Childhood's Anti-Drinking Campaign

For a child a monster can be real. The Fragile Childhood activity has begun in 1986 and has been established as a well-known form of activity in Finland. Fragile Childhood activities are designed to encourage people to participate anonymously in discussion and to share their thoughts about responsible parental drinking on a dedicated platform: Credit to ' Lasinenlapsuus'.

Powerful Hurricane Irma filmed from space5s

Powerful Hurricane Irma filmed from space

Satellite footage from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) shows Hurricane Irma's eye as it swirls closer to the US coast. With reported sustained winds topping 180 mph, it has become the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded outside the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. Credit to 'National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'.

Researcher Develops Bond With Over 200 Hummingbirds2m23s

Researcher Develops Bond With Over 200 Hummingbirds

Near the UCLA Court of Sciences, there is a wing-flapping, darting, squeaking colony of 200-plus birds that make their home around the campus office of the “hummingbird whisperer,” as Melanie Barboni is sometimes called. The assistant professor in the UCLA Earth, Planetary and Space Science program built the community of 200 hummingbirds, who live outside her office and are known to come and complain every time she forgets to bring food out for them. Melanie is native of Switzerland, a country which is pretty scarce of hummingbirds; the species are practically non-existent in the alpine country. That is why she has always been obsessed with hummingbirds, ever since she was a child. She says:”My dearest dream as a child was to see hummingbirds. Imagine my joy when I found out that my next job assignment would bring me to Los Angeles, where hummingbirds live year-round.” Now the AP can’t imagine going to a place where there are no hummingbirds. She says that the tiny birds make her happy and that, no matter how cheesy it may sound, she has even witnessed the rapid wing-flappers helping people. “Having a crappy day? Who cares — there are hummingbirds around… Having a good day? Hummingbirds make it better…” concludes Melanie and we couldn’t agree with her more! They do seem like real-life mythical creatures. Credit to 'UCLA'.

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Dash Cam Captures Officer Joining 92-Year-Old Woman For Impromptu Dance Off1m38s

Dash Cam Captures Officer Joining 92-Year-Old Woman For Impromptu Dance Off

They might be the staunch protectors of the law and order in our cities, but even police officers need some winding off every once in awhile. So when this police officer noticed the dancing elderly woman in the street, she couldn’t help but stop her cruiser to join in on the fun. 92-year-old Millie Seiver from Austin, Minnesota, was busting some moves on a parking lot when Sergeant Kim Lenz spotted her from her police cruiser. The elderly woman’s moves were contagions, so Sgt. Lenz felt compelled to stop in the parking lot where she found the dancing lady and join in on it. Mrs. Seiver said that she has always been a great fan of dancing; she and her husband practised it constantly and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. The entire dance off was captured on the cruiser’s dash cam and went viral instantly. Austin (Minnesota) Police Department posted the video on its Facebook page with the caption “Millie says sometimes you just need to dance...Sgt. Lenz couldn’t agree more.” The video has since been shared over 500 times, with more than 40,000 views. Seiver hope that the video will inspire others to dance more often, no matter their age. Credit to 'Austin Police Department - Minnesota'.

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