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Reese doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and pay that puppy support41s

Reese doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and pay that puppy support

We've all heard of the term deadbeat dad, but have you ever seen a deadbeat dog? Well there's a first time for everything. Reese doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions and pay that puppy support. Maybe he's just a little jealous of all the attention that the new puppy is getting, who knows? How can you not love puppies? That's a question that probably most dog lovers are wondering when seeing this big guy not wanting to have anything to do with his pup. Hopefully in the future, Reese will have a change in attitude towards the little guy and begin to be the dad that the little pup needed the whole time. Regardless, this is a hilarious moment. It's hard to figure out why dogs do what they do sometimes. One thing that we can be sure about though is the shared laughter after one of these moments occur! Check out this dog avoiding his puppy! Credit: "Crystal Coast Goldens"

Published: May 17, 2017Updated: May 18, 2017627 viewsVirality: 1%
Helicopter crew's shark warning to paddle-boarders2m49s

Helicopter crew's shark warning to paddle-boarders

The Orange County Sheriff's Department today is a highly professional organization, which not only continues in its traditional role of crime suppression, but also has expanded into the area of crime prevention. At the Orange County Sheriff's Department you can see the spirit of adventure and the same courage as the early settler had. Credit: OC Sheriff

Published: May 12, 201717,954 viewsVirality: 49%
Police Officer Pulls Off Epic Proposal1m45s

Police Officer Pulls Off Epic Proposal

You must see this epic proposal! Officer Brandon Williams proposes to his girlfriend at the school she teaches at. Like HPD on Facebook: Follow HPD on Twitter and Instagram: @HamptonVAPolice Credit: Hampton Police

Published: March 28, 20177,941 viewsVirality: 44%
It's every young man's dream to do something like that for your old man1m51s

It's every young man's dream to do something like that for your old man

This video says a lot. My dad turned 50 years old today and after 2 years of planning his surprise birthday present, the day finally came. I wouldn't of got as far as I have without this man, I owe him everything. To think he's not missed one of my football matches from the age I started playing, which was 8.. whether the game was round the corner, or 6 hours away, he'd scarifies anything or anyone, just to make sure he got to my games to support me, no matter what. To think of the miles he must of driven, especially in his second hand 03 plate Ford Focus... how it's survived so many long journeys I'll never know. He's always loved luxury cars, but never been able to get one, so to be able to buy him his dream Jaguar car for his 50th birthday, couldn't of worked out any better. Now he'll enjoy the long journeys up north 😂. He's watched my journey from the beginning, kept me humble, believed in me, and taught me everything I need to know over the years. He deserves everything and I can't thank him enough. Everyone I know loves him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad, and the man I've always looked up to. love you 💙 Also thanks to and Jordan Nailard for arranging it all, really appropriate it. Quality service 🙌🏻 Credit: Charlie Wakefield -

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John Woloski and Therapists Dance for Stroke Awareness1m56s

John Woloski and Therapists Dance for Stroke Awareness

Stroke awareness month starts now! After Mr. John Woloski endured a complex CVA which landed him initially at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, the expert physicians then referred him to Allied Services Heinz Rehabilitation Hospital's Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit for a combined 9-week intensive inpatient rehab stay, which included a few weeks in our Transitional Rehab Unit. His discharge to our Home Health team did not occur without producing this special video, choreographed by Lauren Algar, participants include: Trish Lepore, Jenn Evans, Ann Louise Wojnarski. Maybe it was because of his love of music after decades of teaching music education in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, then Principal of Solomon/Plains Junior High School? Maybe it was his positive outlook and commitment to physical rehabilitation? Maybe it was his appreciation of the expert therapists, nurses, social workers and entire staff? Enjoy & Share this inspiring video. Credit: AlliedServicesIHS

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Nurse Aid Isabelle - Compassionately Sings for Patient3m19s

Nurse Aid Isabelle - Compassionately Sings for Patient

The daily compassion of unknown numbers of good health care workers goes unnoticed by many. Thank you for the gifts you share and the love for patients you bestow. Thank you Isabelle for being a comforting voice in our family. Best wishes to you and the staff at Life Care in Seneca KS. Rest in Peace Grandma Helen. We love you. credit:Jeremiah Nichol

Police Dashcam Shows Officer Save Restaurant From Burning Car2m19s

Police Dashcam Shows Officer Save Restaurant From Burning Car

At approximately 9:14pm on February 11, 2017, Officers with the Glenn Heights Police Department responded to a vehicle Jack fire located in the drive-thru lane of the Jack in the Box restaurant, located at 1703 S. Beckley Rd. Upon arrival, officers observed a Ford truck engulfed in flames dangerously close to the structure. An officer was able to successfully move the vehicle away from the structure utilizing his patrol vehicle and no injuries were reported. Credit: Glenn Heights PD

Published: February 20, 2017Updated: February 21, 2017111 views
Truck crashes through side of bus in Syracuse, New York2m00s

Truck crashes through side of bus in Syracuse, New York

Truck Drives Into Side Of Bus In Syracuse, New York Dramatic video captured the moment a speeding truck drove through the side of a bus in New York state. Police say a silver Toyota pickup was getting off Interstate 81 in Syracuse, New York, on January 19 when it suddenly swerved off the road, showed no signs of slowing down, and hit the side of a stopped public transit bus. Credit: Centro Syracuse

Giant panda adorably wrestles a snowman2m50s

Giant panda adorably wrestles a snowman

Here's one that will definitely warm you heart right up during the winter season. This little guy named Da Mao, a Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo, is enjoying his time in the snow. It seems like one of the workers decided to make him a snowman as a pal. Watch as Da Mao cautiously checks the snowman out, before playing with his new companion. How cute is he? Giant Pandas are native to central China. And with regards to this video, Giant Pandas love the snow. They tend to live in cooler areas within China, although they don't always see the fluffy stuff falling from the sky in their native land, you can tell that this little guy is loving the snowfall. Da Mao is one cute panda, that's for sure. Watch his cute antics with the snowman. You can tell that he loves the snow as much as a little child. So adorable. Watch as Da Mao, a Giant Panda at the Toronto Zoo, goes up against a harmless snowman! Credit to 'Toronto Zoo'.

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