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Parkinson's disease patient has mind-blowing results3m48s

Parkinson's disease patient has mind-blowing results

I tagged many of my friends who are therapists to share the results that I had with a patient of mine who has Parkinson's Disease. The results were instantaneous and phenomenal! But let me start at the beginning, on the first therapy session with Larry he presented with the classic textbook style gait pattern of a person with Parkinson's Disease, I went with the traditional approach during our gait training session which yielded very little results. You see the problem is that Larry like many others with Parkinson's know what they are supposed to do and how they are supposed to do it but their bodies simply won't cooperate. So I thought to myself there just has to be a better way, I went home did a little research and came across a study that used music to aid in facilitating a more natural gait pattern. On my next session with Larry I used my phone to play a song that I felt like had a good rhythm to ambulate to and honestly I don't know who was more shocked at the immediate results! He just took off walking without a hitch, we walked all over his house, even through doorways with ease which previously had been very difficult for him! I literally had goosebumps for hours! He became so steady and confident that he just pushed his walker off to the side and continued to ambulate without any AD! I have never seen results of this magnitude this quickly before and by the end of the session we were all in tears but they were definitely happy tears! ***A special thanks to Larry and his sweet wife Kathy Pruitt Jennings for allowing me to share their story with you and hopefully get the word out so that others with Parkinson's might have the same results! ***A big shout out to the camera guy with his mad videotaping skills and for taking time out of his day to come help me with this! Credit: Anicea Renee Gunlock

Dog Brought To Safety After Being Trapped In A Hole For 72 Hours54s

Dog Brought To Safety After Being Trapped In A Hole For 72 Hours

A dog got itself into serious trouble when it fell through a muddy hole. Dubbed in the past after rescuing spaniel Jazz from a muddy hole as the “Invermark Heroes” the Avengers Assemble were once again on a mission to save this unfortunate pooch! This is the heartwarming moment when rescuers found lucky patterdale terrier Charlie alive and well after falling into a 12.5ft hole of solid rock. The rescuers had to dug for over 72 hours over the course of 3 days in order to get to the lost pup! Patterdale terrier by the name of Charlie was dramatically pulled to safety after seven gamekeepers engaged in a 74-hour rescue mission to save the unfortunate pooch. These brave men first used hand tools and then industrial rock diggers to free the dog from under the pile of rocks. It is amazing how this lucky pooch managed to survive spending three days trapped under the heavy rocks. Naturally, shocked and confused, the little rascal was treated to a steak pie dinner following the rescue operation. Fortunately, Charlie is now safe and sound, enjoying the comforts of home after indulging on a whole steak pie. When Charlie disappeared down a hole at Invermark Estate in Angus, Scotland, his owners thought the dog has died. However, the seven gamekeepers were able to find Charlie using his tracking collar and immediately engaged into a rescue mission. Fortunately, kind workers at the RK Services Ltd in Montrose loaned them the life-saving rock breaker and they were able to set Charlie free. Footage shows as they dig their way down the hole, making it through the final pieces of rock only to find Charlie alive and well under the rubble. Now, Charlie is adjusting to life again after being reunited with his grateful owner, enjoying the coziness of his home! CREDIT: Angus Glens Moorland Group Grampian Moorland Group 01356 670208 07715 591 455

Vance County Animal Shelter is adding on to their enrichment program!2m29s

Vance County Animal Shelter is adding on to their enrichment program!

Chad Olds, an animal service officer with Vance County, played his guitar to a very eager crowd. The adoption room had never been so quiet and at peace. The Vance County Animal Shelter is planning to continue this program, so keep watch for more free concerts! CREDIT: Friends of Vance County Animal Shelter

Inglorious Burglars Caught Red-Handed On Security Camera 49s

Inglorious Burglars Caught Red-Handed On Security Camera

It is so hard to be a successful thief nowadays. Security systems in the modern age are so developed, that they can send push notifications via Wi-Fi to alert you about any unusual activity at your home. Two million house break-ins are reported in the United States every year, which is one burglary every 15 seconds. This failed robbery happened approximately 50 minutes after midnight on February 14th in Shanghai, China. The two burglars who failed in their mission, didn’t lack confidence or bravery – only brains. Their unsuccessful criminal attempt ended up being a viral laughing material. And you can see the reason by watching the video. Equipped with bricks in their hands, the world’s ‘dumbest’ criminals walk towards the building in Shanghai. You can see the first man throwing a brick at the window to break the glass, but as soon as the second man propels his brick, everything goes wrong. The brick accidentally hit the other burglar into his face, and he loses consciousness. His accomplice drags him away from the crime scene in such a hurry. Eventually, it all ended up well for the object they tried to break-into. This is the best instant karma , that's for sure! Shanghai police has uploaded this funny video fail and said: ‘If all thieves were like this, police department wouldn’t have to work overtime.’ This surveillance footage has reached over 12 million views in such a short period! If you have any video that captured thieves in the act by your security system, feel free to share it with us! Credit: Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security

Teen With Down Syndrome Finally Gets A Chance To Play In Her First Basketball Game1m13s

Teen With Down Syndrome Finally Gets A Chance To Play In Her First Basketball Game

A student with Down syndrome was given the opportunity to play in her school’s basketball game and seized the moment in the most incredible way imaginable. After helping out, coming to practice, and being a manager all season, student Alyna finally got her chance to play in her first basketball game! Footage shows Alyna’s heartwarming reaction when coach breaks her the good news about taking part in the upcoming basketball game. Sweet girl Alena was moved to tears and a little shaken up. She thought that this day will never come, but when it finally did, she was ready to score, and she couldn’t be happier about it. Watch as Alyna is warming up with her team on court before the game. She aims at the basketball hoop and makes her best efforts to score. She is wearing a jersey with a logo of Tucson High, as she joins the rest of his team on the court. This Arizona student with Down syndrome received a big surprise from her teammates when the Badgers coach told team manager Alyna Macias she was getting in the game. With the game tied at five in the third quarter Macias came off the bench and scored four points. Look how proud she is when she runs on the court! The teams had talked before the game and agreed to let Macias score regardless of how close the score was. Alyna can be seen defending an attack on her hoop before later receiving the ball in a good position and attempting to score. When she scores, we can hear loud cheers supporting her play! After the game, we see Alyna giving interviews and receiving flowers and balloons for her achievements! Simple acts of kindness brightened this girl’s life! Credit: @kyaunaluna

Idiot driver refuses to move for ambulance1m55s

Idiot driver refuses to move for ambulance

For whatever bizarre reason, this driver in a Hyundai Accent blocks the intervention of an ambulance team for a very long time. It's pretty infuriating to watch! Credit: facebook/Emplacement Photo Radar - Outaouais

Birth Mother's Message To Son Before Adoption9m36s

Birth Mother's Message To Son Before Adoption

Babies are amazing family members that brighten up our lives. From the time that the internet has existed, videos of them have dominated the it. They are just so cute and entertaining that you could watch them for hours on end. It seems that one such amazing moment of a baby has emerged in this clip here as this baby will surely keep you in awe! If you are a parent, you know that kids are a great source of competition. My kid can run faster than yours, my kid learned to read sooner than yours. Well these parents have earned themselves some serious bragging rights. "This is my son Tagg who I placed for adoption in March of 2016. This video was created so that he would be able to look back and know that this decision was made purely out of love for him. He will never have to think that "I gave him up" or that I did not love him. He will always be able to know that I loved him more than anyone else in this world." "I hope anyone who watches this will be able to gain a new perspective on what the birth mom goes through when she places her child for adoption. It is the FARTHEST thing from a heartless act. It shows she definition of love. To love someone this much is to give away your happiness for them." A lot of people have been making comments about me possibly seeing him again in the future... This is an OPEN adoption. I get to see him all the time thanks to his wonderful mommy.

Bus Driver Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Help Elderly Man59s

Bus Driver Goes Beyond Call Of Duty To Help Elderly Man

A bus driver in Milwaukee went above and beyond what is her call of duty and got out in the snowy street to help a man in need. Kaniquka Jackson, a Milwaukee County Transit System driver, is receiving praise and recognition for helping this elderly man who had fallen during a recent snowfall. When Kaniquka was driving her bus near Bayshore Town Center, one elderly man that was waiting for his bus took a tumble when he stepped into a snowbank. The man, dragging his wheeled walker and a bag, lost his balance and hell into the foot-high snow on Sunday, February 4. Another man that was right there on the street, probably a familiar of his, rushed to help, but apparently he couldn’t handle both the weather and the exhausted man. Springing into hero mode, Kaniquka rushed out of the bus to help the man back onto his feet. She and other gentleman helped carry him and his walker onto the bus. The incredible footage has been shared all over social media, with numerous praises for the selfless woman. It is one of the many stories the organization has shared recently about bus drivers going out of their way to help people in Milwaukee County. Credit to 'Milwaukee County Transit System'. On the subject of herois bus drivers, we have to mention Reneita Smith, who saved 20 children from a burning school bus. She said “I didn’t see other people’s children. I saw MY children.” She even went back into the burning vehicle to make sure no one was left behind.

This Baby Octopus Just Hatched And Is Already A Master Of Disguise10s

This Baby Octopus Just Hatched And Is Already A Master Of Disguise

You have probably seen the birth of various aquatic animals. They are either live births, where the baby animal comes out of the mother and starts swimming right away or they develop in an egg sack and comes out a while later. But we have not seen the birth of a baby octopus, until now. In a curious video posted by the Virginia Aquarium on their Twitter feed, a baby Caribbean octopus, no bigger than the nail on your pinky finger, hatches from a bundle of eggs that look like a fragile bouquet. You will notice that right away it changed color, going from a milky white to a bright purple. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since the Caribbean reef octopus is known to be a master of disguise. They use special muscles to open and close little sacs of pigment in their skin called chromatophores and this little guy was probably responding to the black tabletop beneath its tank. The mom of this baby octopus came to the aquarium six months prior to the babies hatching and when she said the eggs, they had already been fertilized. It turned out that this incredible species, no bigger than a softball, can store their partner’s sperm for up to 100 days. The survival rate of baby octopi is pretty low, sometimes only one or two will survive out of an entire clutch. But the team at the Virginia Aquarium plans on raising whatever babies do survive and exhibit them at the aquarium.

Historic Footage Shows Falcon Heavy's Side Boosters Landing Simultaneously36s

Historic Footage Shows Falcon Heavy's Side Boosters Landing Simultaneously

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., doing business as SpaceX, is a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars. SpaceX has since developed the Falcon launch vehicle family and the Dragon spacecraft family, which both currently deliver payloads into Earth orbit. SpaceX's achievements include the first privately funded liquid-propellant rocket to reach orbit, Falcon 1 in 2008, the first privately funded company to successfully launch, orbit, and recover a spacecraft, Dragon in 2010, the first private company to send a spacecraft to the International Space Station, Dragon in 2012, the first propulsive landing for an orbital rocket, Falcon 9 in 2015, and the first reuse of an orbital rocket, Falcon 9 in 2017. As of March 2017, SpaceX has flown ten missions to the International Space Station under a cargo resupply contract. NASA also awarded SpaceX a further development contract in 2011 to develop and demonstrate a human-rated Dragon, which would be used to transport astronauts to the ISS and return them safely to Earth. Footage from SpaceX's first test launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket lift off on Feb. 6, 2018. Shortly afterward, two of its first-stage side boosters separated and landed back at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Gloria. Check out the incredible sight! Credit to 'SpaceX'.

Relieve worry, anxiety, depression, and more3m48s

Relieve worry, anxiety, depression, and more

Joseph Carter (owner of Acupressure Institute explains acupressure point Heart 7 "Spirit Gate" located on the wrist. Credit to 'Joseph Carter / Bay Area Natural Health'.

Adorable Nigerian Dwarf Goat Prances Around Enclosure49s

Adorable Nigerian Dwarf Goat Prances Around Enclosure

Dwarfism is not only seen in humans, but it can also be observed in other species. But unlike our kind, there are specific goat breeds that have naturally occurring dwarfism, such as the Nigerian dwarf goat, which is a miniature goat breed of West African ancestry. The original animals were transported from Africa on ships as food for captured carnivores (yikes!) being brought to zoos; the survivors were then maintained in herds at those zoos. Despite their not so happy history, these cutie pies are now popular as pets and as family milkers because they are very easy to maintain, and also they are very petite. Because of their high butterfat, they are also used to make cheese. This particular newborn Nigerian goat is a resident in the Oregon zoo, and he loves to spend his time jumping on stuff and overall being cute. This goat still doesn't have a handle on the basic motor skills, but despite being a newborn, this adorable goat will soon learn how to properly jump and prance around without falling. Nigerian goats are known for being very gentle and intelligent, and if their owners start bottle-feeding them from young age, they become even more connected. They are very popular pets, and understandably, have taken the Internet by storm. And judging from the cuteness of this little guy, they will soon take over the web and cats will finally have a worthy Internet opponent.

Incredible tour of Mars rover's view in Gale Crater1m53s

Incredible tour of Mars rover's view in Gale Crater

Curiosity Project Scientist Ashwin Vasavada gives a descriptive tour of the Mars rover's view in Gale Crater. The white-balanced scene looks back over the journey so far. The view from "Vera Rubin Ridge" looks back over buttes, dunes and other features along the route. To aid geologists, colors in the image are white balanced so rocks appear the same color as the same rocks would on Earth. Credit: NASA