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Atlanta woman opens fire & kills a home invader2m46s

Atlanta woman opens fire & kills a home invader

Caught on Camera: Atlanta woman opens fire & kills on home invaders Surveillance video from inside the home shows the Gwinnett County woman rush from her bedroom and then unloads all her bullets on the three men who kicked in her front door Incredible footage has been released showing the moment a Georgia woman rushed out of her bed in the middle of the night and opened fire at three armed men who broke into her house, killing one. The surveillance footage, released by the Gwinnett County Police Department, shows the intruders - all of whom are carrying guns - bursting through the front door and rummaging through the house in the September 16 incident in Gwinnett. Seconds after entering the home, the woman is seen coming out of her bedroom in pajamas with a handgun, and fires several shots at the armed suspects, according to WSB TV 2. The video shows one of the men jumping through a glass door to get away from the stream of bullets, as dry wall debris is seen flying all over the house. Two of the men managed to escape. It is unclear if they had been shot. However a third intruder, identified Antonio Leeks, 28, of Atlanta, was shot and killed in the home invasion. He was found dead from his injuries in the driveway of the home by police. Police released in the footage in the hopes that someone will come forward and identify the other two suspects. Credit: Gwinnett County Police Department

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Rare look inside Church of Scientology's secretive 13m10s

Rare look inside Church of Scientology's secretive "Gold Base" HQ

This is the second drone flight over the Scientology compound near Hemet, California. The video shows the Church of Scientology's 500-acre international management headquarters, which is also known as 'Gold Base' to Scientologists because it holds the Golden Era Productions studios.

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Police chase bear through downtown Anchorage, Alaska 2m57s

Police chase bear through downtown Anchorage, Alaska

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to catch an eluding suspect; especially when they are wild, unpredictable and have four feet. This black bear went on a tour of downtown Anchorage last night and fortunately no one was hurt. Police would like to remind folks to keep as much distance as possible between yourself and wildlife during a rare encounter like this. Credit to 'AnchoragePolice'.

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Michael Jackson inspired dance routine helps spread peace6m34s

Michael Jackson inspired dance routine helps spread peace

Michael wanted to spread good in our world trying to change the bad and heal the world for some of its problems. Unfortunately the world is still in a troubling state. In these times many people look at various links on social media and unfortunately react with fear, hatred and immediately close their arms. Instead we should open up our arms and look to solve the problems together. There should be room for everyone in this world. No matter what you look like, what religion you have or where you come from. We are all one. That's the purpose of this video. To remind all of us how incredibly important love and freedom is and to put something good out into this world. Something that will unite people from all around the globe. The world is beautiful. We should all enjoy it together. Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion. Concept by Tobias Ellehammer Director of photography by Mike Dones Produced and Directed by Tobias Ellehammer Original Music by Michael Jackson Dancers: Phillippe Physs Almeida Gator Arnaud Deprez Johnny Vongratsavai Maxi Fesenmayer Laia Giralt Cortada Pau Arnal Ferrer Albert Xampi Esteban Kenya Sauer Nico O'Holi Olu Alatise Cece Nama Ibs Afinowi Stefano A. Addae Diana Matos Mattia Tuzzolino Cj Salvador Anders Deeno Jonathan Bishop Rithiely Pereira Lianne Lee May Luc Boris André Bobby Atiedu Idk Sara Jordan Rai Del Valle Michel Patric Sian Sebastian Skov Andersen Phillip Stilling Suad Demirovic Ronni Morgenstjerne Toniah Pedersen Olivia Sol Anselmo Nader Musharbash Sergey Martynov Ksenia Sergeeva Anastasia Kalacheva Yulia Bulycheva Igonina Julia Olga Lantsova Sandra Brünnich Callum Mooney Lauren Kate Seymour Yoshie Koda Motohiro Oguri Stephanie Nguyen Choreography in order of appearance by Arnaud Deprez, Nico O'holi & Olu Alatise, Diana Matos & Tobias, Sandra Brünnich & Tobias, Callum Mooney, Yoshie Koda, Stephanie Nguyen & Tobias All other scenes Choreographed By Tobias Ellehammer Freestyles In order of appearance by Gator, Luc Boris André, Bobby Atiedu Idk, Sara Jordan, Ronni Morgenstjerne, Ksenia Sergeeva, Stephanie Nguyen Locations in order of appearance: Pont de Bir-Hakeim, Paris, France Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin, Germany La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain Hoxton Alley, London, UK Regents Park, London, UK Calle Traghetto Vecchio, Venice, Italy St. Pauls Cathedral, London, UK Rooftop Terrace, Copenhagen, Denmark Sand Dunes, Dubai, UAE Red Square, Moscow, Russia Gulfoss and Gljúfurárfoss Waterfalls, Iceland Mrs. Macqauries Point, Sydney, Australia Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, United States of America Credit: Tobias Ellehammer

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'Reflectacles' are first eyewear to reflect light1m01s

'Reflectacles' are first eyewear to reflect light

Reflectacles are the first eyewear to reflect light. This allows Reflectacles to explode in an image or video on your mobile device with the flash or lets cars see you at night. While Reflectacles appear brightly illuminated to others, your vision remains unchanged. You can wear them with your prescription or as sunglasses. Credit:

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Baby koala finds comfort in stuffed animal after mother's tragic death57s

Baby koala finds comfort in stuffed animal after mother's tragic death

A baby koala at a zoo in Australia finds comfort in the form of a stuffed animal after his mother was tragically killed in a recent car accident. Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors shared video of Shayne, the 9-month-old koala, cuddling with the plush toy which has said to have to helped him deal with the trauma. Credit to 'Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors (@wildwarriors and @WildlifeWarriorsWorldwide)'.

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Cat Greets Mailman Every Day Demanding To Be Pet35s

Cat Greets Mailman Every Day Demanding To Be Pet

Levi Davis, a Postman from New Zealand Post, enjoys his daily mail run in the town of Taranaki - mainly because of a particular feline friend! How amazing is that? Credit to "Levi Davis / New Zealand Post"

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NASA captures Titan's Dunes of Shangri La1m18s

NASA captures Titan's Dunes of Shangri La

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has radar vision that allows it to peer through the haze that surrounds Saturn's largest moon, Titan. This video focuses on Shangri-la, a large, dark area on Titan filled with dunes. The long, linear dunes are thought to be comprised of grains derived from hydrocarbons that have settled out of Titan's atmosphere. Cassini has shown that dunes of this sort encircle most of Titan's equator. Scientists can use the dunes to learn about winds, the sands they're composed of, and highs and lows in the landscape. The radar image was obtained by the Cassini Synthetic Aperture radar (SAR) on July 25, 2016, during the mission's 122nd targeted Titan encounter. Credit: NASA

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US Navy tests 10,000 pound explosives against new warship44s

US Navy tests 10,000 pound explosives against new warship

The US Navy has released footage showing a 10,000-pound explosive charge detonating near The USS Jackson, an Independence-class Littoral Combat Ship, to test its ability to withstand underwater shocks. Credit tp 'US Navy'.

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Hero stops on busy highway to save stranded kitten1m09s

Hero stops on busy highway to save stranded kitten

A scared kitten narrowly avoids being hit by a number of cars after falling out of a vehicle on a major road in Kaliningrad, Russia. Thankfully, a kind driver eventually pulled over played the role of hero. In total, the adorable kitten spent almost four minutes in the middle of the busy roadway and suffered no major injuries. Credit to 'VK/Safe City Kaliningrad'.

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Priceless moment when 2 adopted kids from China reunite in Texas18s

Priceless moment when 2 adopted kids from China reunite in Texas

Last year, Andy and Sharon Sykes of Plano, Texas adopted a little girl named Hannah from a orphanage in Changsha, China. While going through the adoption process, the couple received pictures of their growing daughter at the orphanage, and standing next to her in almost every photo was her best friend Dawson. Watch as the pre-schoolers, who were inseparable in a Chinese orphanage, reunite at the Dallas airport after being adopted by families in the same town, only 11 months apart! Credit to 'Sharon Cutcher Sykes'.

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Phoenix Police Officers Injured After Car Rams Into Them1m12s

Phoenix Police Officers Injured After Car Rams Into Them

Three Phoenix police officers were injured after a man drove a vehicle into them in what Phoenix police call a “violent, intentional” act, the Police Department says. The Phoenix Police Department released surveillance video of the September 13 attack on Facebook. The officers are struck at about 1 minute into the video (warning: graphic). The suspect was identified as Marc LaQuon Payne, 44, said Credit: Facebook/Phoenix Police Department

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