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Learn how to make a magic 3-layer cake using only 1 pan4m35s

Learn how to make a magic 3-layer cake using only 1 pan

Ingredients: 3 egg yolks, 90g sugar, 1tbsp watar, 90g melted butter, 90g flour, 1tsp vanilla extract, pinch of salt, 375ml milk, 3 egg white. Twitter: Facebook: Credit to 'Emojoie Cuisine'.

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Man sees for the first time in 20 years!1m28s

Man sees for the first time in 20 years!

Want to try eSight? Give our team a call at 1-855-837-4448 to book a demo or visit Mark Cornell lost his sight 20 years ago after serving in the US Air Force for 18 years. Watch this emotional video as he sees his friends for the first time with eSight, electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see. Credit to 'eSight'.

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Girl with cerebral palsy dances without her walker for the first time3m47s

Girl with cerebral palsy dances without her walker for the first time

Taylor Florence and her mother Dana, dancing to Taylor's favourite song - I Knew You Were trouble - by Taylor Swift. This incredible girl is using the new #Firefly #Upsee - This was the first time Taylor was able to move side to side, forward and back and dance without her walker! Just incredible!!!! #taylorswift #threetobe Credit to 'THREE TO BE'.

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Mother cow hides her newborn calf to protect her from farmer4m57s

Mother cow hides her newborn calf to protect her from farmer

Something to hide… Clarabelle’s behaviour told us something was amiss. Although her baby was not expected for another week, something was odd. A firm favourite to be first to feeding, on this occasion Clarabelle was not. Apprehensively she walked up the paddock, every now and then casting a quick glance behind. A rather engorged sole teat was our first hint this 8-year-old Jersey cow had something to hide. But where? With a clear view of the paddock, no little calf lay. But an enchanted forest that claimed the tiniest section of the rear part of this field offered an answer. With sleuth like precision, we made our way towards it but nothing looked suspicious. Nothing until we almost stood on a tiny bundle of brownness, ever so carefully hidden in the tall grass and camouflaged by fallen logs. We believe there are few things on this earth more precious and innocent than a baby calf. This little heifer, as she lazily blinked at the world with big bug eyes could surely have melted a polar ice cap. But this was no newborn calf; fully clean and dry was she, along with her umbilical cord – no afterbirth in sight. Many who knows cows will vouch they have an ancient knowing, a wisdom beyond their form. They are like elephants in their memories. Renowned animal behaviourist and cattle expert, Dr. Temple Grandin, is credited with saying that the fear memories of cattle can never be deleted. This fact was borne out by the kindly dairy farm worker (from where Clarabelle came) who told us that the cows remembered which vehicle came and took their baby away shortly after birth. On subsequent occasions when farm vehicles would drive past they would behave no different, no different that is until the one vehicle that took their baby would return. At this point, the cow would become nervous, anxious and edgy, looking for the baby she would never see again. Bless this sweet girl, who, having had each successive calf taken from her shortly after it was born, was determined this one would be ‘hers’. So stashing her baby in the forest she walked up the paddock as if nothing had changed. But everything in fact had, forever more things will be the way they always should have been and no one will ever take Clarabelle’s baby away. While Clarabelle hid her baby for the most pure, honest and loving of reasons, the dairy industry has long hidden the fate of baby calves for reasons of profit. Like many we grew up with the romantic notion that dairy products were wholesome and good, and indeed they are. If, of course, you are a baby cow. Cows do not produce milk simply by virtue of being a cow; they are mammals and will only produce milk for their offspring. Once born, the babies are soon taken away from their mothers and the milk she intended for her baby is harvested for human consumption. The males, who will never produce milk, are killed, many in the first week of their life. Females can become herd replacement animals and some are even sent to China to meet a growing demand for dairy. Small, or non-commercial heifers meet the same fate as the males. If you love dairy products and don’t believe you can ever find an alternative, please remember this, mother cows love their babies many times more. Footnote to this story: Clarabelle’s calf was discovered on Valentine’s Day. We christened her Valentine in honour of the love between mother cows and their babies. Valentine comes from the Latin word, Valentinus, which means strong, vigorous and powerful. "If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others... why wouldn't we?" Credit to 'Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary'.

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Whisk Wiper | Whisking Made Easy46s

Whisk Wiper | Whisking Made Easy

Cleaning a whisk is hard. Now it's not. Whisk Wiper is not yet available for purchase, but sign up here ( and you'll be first to join the whisking revolution! Credit: Whisk Wiper

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Meet Libre, the Boston Terrier who is fighting for his life2m21s

Meet Libre, the Boston Terrier who is fighting for his life

Libre, meaning Free is a 16 week old puppy that was severely neglected, starved, covered in maggots and mange. He was a puppy mill dog left for dead. The amazing folks at Speranza Animal Rescue said "do everything you can". Dillsburg Veterinary Center has been helping this beautiful angel recover. This video has followed the first 10 days of Libre's amazing recovery. This pup has taken the world by storm. Please visit the web sites of Dillsburg and Speranza to help with donations. Credit to PunkRox Productions-Shelter & Rescue Features by Carly Blake

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How private is your personal information?1m38s

How private is your personal information?

You're more at risk of identity fraud than you think. Sharing personal details like your date of birth, address and phone number can make you vulnerable. Don't make it easy for identity fraudsters. Start by setting your privacy settings. - Credit: Cifas UK

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Cholita: A year in the jungle2m33s

Cholita: A year in the jungle

HAPPY 1ST YEAR IN THE FOREST CHOLITA! NOW HELP BRING DOMINGA HOME TOO! Share and enjoy this wonderful video showing how ADI supporters transformed the life of spectacled bear Cholita. Mutilated by the circus, who cut off her fingers and broke her teeth, Cholita lost all of her fur due to stress, and for years there was nowhere for her. In one of our most emotional ever rescues, ADI took Cholita home to the forest, and her rescue opened the door to save two more bears, Lucho and Sabina. NOW CELEBRATE CHOLITA’S 1ST YEAR HOME AND HELP US GIVE THAT LIFE TO ANOTHER NEARLY BALD SPECTACLED BEAR CALLED DOMINGA, CURRENTLY IN AN ANDEAN ZOO. Thank you to everyone who helped get Cholita home, now together, we can give her a new neighbour! Donate US $ Donate UK £ Donate via PayPal/Euros See Cholita on the big screen, as Lion Ark tours US movie theatres in November, accompanied by a short about the various rescues in Operation Spirit of Freedom – check if there is a screening near you: Credit: Animal Defenders International

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Michigan Humane Society Rescues Puppies from Under Abandoned Home1m46s

Michigan Humane Society Rescues Puppies from Under Abandoned Home

Paige, Payton, Percy, Phillip, Phoebe, Piper and Prue were all in foster care with some of MHS' In-Home Heroes, and they are already adopted. Keep checking our adoption page and the MHS Facebook page to find out more! Stories like this happen all the time here at the Michigan Humane Society, but it's only possible because of your support. Please give today: (855) MHS-GIVE To learn more about the Michigan Humane Society’s lifesaving work, visit Credit: Michigan Humane Society

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Boulder County Sheriff's Deputies meet their feathery match!28s

Boulder County Sheriff's Deputies meet their feathery match!

Our Sheriff's Office deputies were driving near a campground on July 23 when they were stopped in their tracks by this young Northern Saw Whet Owl. After some curious head twisting (on both sides) it safely flew away. Watch the deputy have a conversation with the baby owl as it clicks back to her. Credit to Boulder County BOCC

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Beagle Freedom Project rescues nine beagles from laboratory in Nevada5m59s

Beagle Freedom Project rescues nine beagles from laboratory in Nevada

Beagle Freedom Project rescued nine beagles from a laboratory in Nevada. Until this day, these beagles had never known a kind touch, been loved or felt safe. Their lives are about to change forever. Check out more at: Credit to 'Beagle Freedom Project'.

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Officer helps free a deer that got itself stuck in a fence1m13s

Officer helps free a deer that got itself stuck in a fence

This video should serve as further proof that no two days in law enforcement are ever the same! Watch as Sr. Officer Rich Holt helps free a deer that got itself stuck in a fence. When asked about his above-and-beyond actions, Sr. Officer Holt said, "As a police officer you never know what situations the community will call upon you to help with. It isn’t always your responsibility, but when no one else is available, you do what needs to be done. Credit to 'Rapid City Police Department'.

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Chilling farewell 1m51s

Chilling farewell "Haka" chant for school's guidance counsellor

At assembly this morning we bid farewell to Mr. John Adams, the school Guidance Counsellor, who is retiring from teaching. Mr. Adams is moving to Nelson to be closer to his family so that he can dedicate more of his time to them. Mr. Adams has provided thirty years of dedicated service to Palmerston North Boys’ High School and the young men who attend this school. Mr. Adams was appointed to a long term relief position teaching science and agriculture in February 1986 and gained a permanent position as a teacher of science and physics in June 1986. He was the Year 10 Dean from 1989 – 1993, the Assistant Head of the Science Department from July 1990 – December 1992, and the Head of the Physics Department from 1992 – 1997. In 1998 Mr. Adams was appointed as the Head of the Science Department, a key leadership position in the school, and one he held until the end of 2004. He was awarded a Royal Society Teacher Fellowship in 2001, when he spent time at Massey University researching renewable energy sources. This fellowship recognised the high esteem with which Mr. Adams was held in the physics and science teaching fraternities in New Zealand and the outstanding results students he taught had achieved over a long period of time. In 2005 Mr. Adams was appointed as the school Guidance Counsellor, a position he has held until now. In order to fulfill this position Mr. Adams was required to complete a counselling qualification, a Master of Counselling, which he did in 2007, having been selected to receive a teacher study award. Mr. Adams has a real affinity for young men and has worked tirelessly in all of his roles to remove obstacles to student learning and to help ensure that our young men are able to achieve the best possible academic results. In his role as Counsellor, Mr. Adams has assisted countless young men and families in some very trying circumstances. Each of these situations has been approached with empathy, genuine care and concern, and strategies enacted that have the best interests of the young men concerned at their core. Additional to this service at Palmerston North Boys’ High School, Mr. Adams served as a parent representative on the Board of the New Zealand Correspondence School from 1995 – 1998 and in 1998 was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the Correspondence School. Prior to his teaching career Mr. Adams had a range of experiences as a dairy farmer, in forestry and a stint as a possum trapper. A notable component of his teaching was how he was able to draw on these experiences in the classroom and put his teaching into context for the young men in his classes. This has played a significant role in the outstanding academic results his classes have achieved. This morning at assembly Mr. Adams was presented with an Academic Stole. This award, normally made at the end-of-the-year at the full school prizegiving, is reserved to recognise those teachers who have had an unwavering focus on academic achievement throughout their careers. Mr. Adams has certainly embodied the requirement for this award. Guidance counselling by its very nature often involves being the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff – responding to problems and crises after they occur. Mr. Adams has endeavoured to also bring a proactive approach to his role. An example of this is the system of support that has been implemented for our young Pasifika men on his initiative. Mr. Adams is also a staunch supporter of the Palmerston North Boys’ High School Leadership programme, recognising the proactive nature of this approach to the development of young men. Mr. Adams has been fully involved in the co-curricular life of the school. He has coached rugby teams, been involved with the mountain biking group, and more recently managed hockey and basketball teams. Mr. Adams has a particular interest in the outdoors, and has organised and participated in a wide variety of school camps, including running one on his own farm a number of years ago. On behalf of the young men of Palmerston North Boys’ High School, the staff, Board of Trustees and the wider school community, I would like to thank and acknowledge Mr. Adams for the very significant impact he has had on our school over the last thirty years, and to wish him all the best for his retirement. D M Bovey RECTOR Credit: PNBHS

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