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Officer Says Goodbye To K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call55s

Officer Says Goodbye To K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call

Humans are creatures of habit. We like the feeling of control we get whenever we repeat the same action. It is good for our mental health and it simply makes life easier. It gets things done faster and assures their successful outcome. Leaving this cocoon of safety can be really hard, but sometimes it is necessary to do it. Life consists of chapters and in order for one to start, another has to end. This footage shows us the heartbreaking moment of an officer that has to sign off his K-9 as this is their last ride on duty. After 9 years of service, this officer is making his final radio call regarding his best pal that has been by his side for the last 9 years. He takes the opportunity to to let the dispatcher know that the time has come where these two partners have to split up. He is barely able to finish hearing out the dispatchers speech and not break down in tears. And of course you can hear and see his best pal right there by his side crying and giving him kisses as he too feels it is time to retire. A local police officer has officially started his retirement after giving a final call at the end of his last shift in this heartbreaking video.BNSF Railway Police said farewell to Faust the K-9, who retired after eight years and one day on the job. Watch as Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer radios in his final goodbye! Reaching retirement is a thing to be celebrated, because after long years of servitude in your profession, you have finally earned the right to relax and enjoy life. This is especially true for the brave protectors of the law and order. But after decades of engagement, the moment can also be a sad one; a big part of your life is changing and you have to say your goodbyes to people who have been more than co-workers. Footage shows Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer finishing his last day on the job before retirement by announcing his final code for signing off. Together with him is his loyal canine friend who can be heard crying in the back, urging his colleague to stay. What a special bond these two share! It is adorable how this hard-working official tries to keep his eyes from tearing up after hearing the dispatch’s endearing words. His force is certainly going to miss having such an amazing man on their team. In another video, officer David Renteria of the Jackson Police Department in Michigan is making his final call and could not contain his emotion. Watch the heartwarming video as this servant’s career ends after 25-years. On hand was Renteria’s son Austin, a reserve officer with the Jackson PD, to record the moment as his father finished up. Renteria paid tribute to the ‘brothers and sisters’ he has worked with over that time, his voice breaking at numerous points. What a magical moment this is! He is going to cherish this for the rest of his life! What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy! Credit to 'BNSF Railway'.

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby54s

Security Guard Makes Amazing Catch To Save Baby

When it comes to dangerous places where you should definitely make sure your child doesn’t get in, the X-Ray luggage scanning machine at airport customs is clearly one of them. Radiation aside, that is one cold, dark and creepily loud place for a child to be. We adult know that, but kids are curious and will definitely want to check it out. One parent let their child slip from their attention for a short while while at the X-Ray machine, but luckily they weren’t alone there! In this CCTV footage released by the Katowice Airport in Poland, security guard Grzegorz Paczko makes an incredible last-second catch after spotting a child slipping off of a baggage counter. The footage shows a man picking up his suitcase after being checked at security, before picking up his toddler child up and putting him on the counter. His attention is distracted from the child for what seems like second, but that is plenty of time for the toddler to lose balance and fall off the counter! That is where the sniper-like reflexes of the brave security guard kick in, as he throws himself to catch the child literally just before it’s tender head hit the floor! Kudos for Paczko and what in the world was that father thinking?! All rights to Katowice Airport.

Girl Amazes Audience With Solo Performance Of  'Phantom of the Opera'3m42s

Girl Amazes Audience With Solo Performance Of 'Phantom of the Opera'

There are some households where music is always being played. The people living in those houses are full of fond memories of classical and theatrical music flowing through the house or parents singing while they do everyday chores. In families like this, there is always somebody playing the piano for many years and mostly they further their profound appreciation for music together. After all, music is the universal language of the soul. One of the most favorites among people in general is the musical “The Phantom of the Opera,” with its haunting melodies and dramatic love story. That is a masked man living in a dark lair under an opera house who falls in love with the leading lady but his love is unrequited and drama ensues? It’s perfect! And the soundtrack is just exquisite! So when Rachel, only 11-years old, takes on the extremely challenging song “Think of Me,” there’s no telling where it could go! However, from the moment she opens her mouth, she takes it and runs with it. This is an exceptional performance from an exceptionally talented young girl. Obviously Rachel sings for some celebrations at her school, and while she’s got all of her classmates behind her, she was given the solo. Her rendition sounds far beyond her years. This must have taken so much practice and patience because even though we are no experts, we can still tell when someone misses a note or sounds off key. We don’t think Rachel missed the mark once. And her finale? Stunning. She hit it out of the park! Click to watch Rachel in action. Guaranteed, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her.

This Pup Goes Down The Stairs With The Help Of A Pimped-Out Stairlift54s

This Pup Goes Down The Stairs With The Help Of A Pimped-Out Stairlift

There are many people out there who live in a multi-storey buildings, but have trouble navigating the multiple steps that separate their floors. So way back in the 1920s someone thought of making these people’s lives that much easier by creating a chair that can lift them up and down a floor with the push of a button. With the stairlift being so widely available, many have found that it can serve a purpose for their ill dogs as well. Most pups can suffer the same ailments that affect humans, one being arthritis and just like in humans, this affliction prevents dogs from navigating stairs. Pia Hjelmsø from Kongens Lyngby in Denmark has an English Bulldog that suffers from arthritis. The poor pup can not be separated from his loving human for way too long, so he wants to be with her every place she goes. But when the time comes for him to climb up and down the stairs in their home in Herlev Municipality, he is unable to do it without feeling pain. So his loving owner asked her friend Lars Trillingsgaard for help. The duo created a stairlift for Aase and designed it in the shape and look of a London City Bus. Aase gets on the buss and Pia wants for his at the bottom of the stairs to push the button for “go”. When the stairlift reaches the bottom, a little door lowers so that the pup can get off the bus and onto a lower platform. How cool is that? Credit to 'Pia Hjelmsø'.

Tesla Model X Breaks Electric Tow Record After Pulling Boeing 787 Dreamliner1m00s

Tesla Model X Breaks Electric Tow Record After Pulling Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Publicity stunts can make or break a company’s reputation, especially if they are done on a whim and with no plan whatsoever. But when Elon Musk wanted to make a public statement, he asked an airline to borrow one of their airplanes. And that was one publicity stunt. The Tesla Model X is already rated as the passenger electric vehicle with the highest towing capacity currently available on the market, with a mere 5000-pounds capacity. Just a few short months ago one Tesla Model X driver showed up at just the right time to help a truck driver stuck in snow and towed him out. Now, the Model X P100D can be seen towing a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner at Melbourne Airport in Australia across a remote taxiway for a total of two minutes. The electric SUV drags the 287,000 lb aircraft about 1,000 feet down the taxiway, which was enough for a new Guinness World Record for heaviest tow by electric production passenger vehicle. With its tanks full, the Dreamliner can weight up to 560,000 lbs with fuel, is more than triple the Model X's recommended tow limit of about 5,500 lbs. The Dreamliner was supplied by Qantas, an Australian airline company. According to their spokesperson, this latest stunt was part of a motion to “highlight its sustainability efforts, adding that it uses electric aircraft tugs at airports in Sydney and Canberra to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” Credit to 'Qantas'.

Gorilla Youngster Has The Time Of Her Life Splashing In Pool31s

Gorilla Youngster Has The Time Of Her Life Splashing In Pool

Everyone experiences happiness under different circumstances. For some, happiness is when they get to get something for themselves, something new, fresh and exciting. For others, happiness is about how they experience their lives and the little things that build it. And then there are people who experience this state of mind when they see someone else in a happy place. Right now, we count ourselves in this third group, as we watch this gorilla younger have the time of her life in a pool in her enclosure at the Dallas ZOO. Whether it was a really hot day or she just loves the water, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that the moment she starts whipping her arms back and forth, doing the flashdance like no one is watching is the happiest thing we have seen all day long. The video softened the hearts of many a social media users, gaining 2.5 million views for just ten days! The comments were really heartwarming as well: My reaction when I don’t have to go to work tomorrow,” and, “That made my day better. I don’t recall the last time I had that much fun. The ZOO must be doing something right to have such a happy gorilla.” To sum things up, we think that this innocent little video is all anyone really needs to put a smile on their face after a long and tedious day at work! If you agree, don’t forget to share it with your friends and put a smile on their faces as well! Credit to 'Dallas Zoo'.

IKEA Campaign Against Bullying Asks Students To Bully A Plant For 30 Days And Learn From The Results2m17s

IKEA Campaign Against Bullying Asks Students To Bully A Plant For 30 Days And Learn From The Results

Today, society increasingly pays attention to bullying, that is, baiting. However, “good old bullying” has also taken a modern form in cyberbullying: baiting on the Internet. Both forms are very dangerous - they literally destroy the psyche of the victim. To prove this, IKEA decided to conduct an experiment. In support of the International Day Against Harassment, the Swedish giant IKEA conducted an experiment in a school in the United Arab Emirates. In this educational institution chosen by random, two plants were given to schoolchildren: one of them to praise, and the other to scold and criticize. Both plants received an equal amount of sunlight, water and fertilizer. After 30 days, the results spoke for themselves. The plant, which was subjected to positive words of love, wellbeing and friendship, still looked healthy and thriving, while the other plant, the one subjected to receiving only negative comments, had faded. Now, this seems incredible... Can plants hear us? Do plants have emotions? Did we intimidate the plant? The entire point behind the campaign was to show kids that even though people don’t have leaves and stuff that show the effects of bullying, in the same way, a plant does, their feelings and emotions could become just as tired and depressed. But Ikea was only one in the line in testing this hypothesis and arriving at the same results. So while we admittedly can’t say the IKEA experiment gives us definitive proof about bullying in relation to plants, it does serve as a solid reminder to always choose kindness whenever possible. Because we do know it makes a big difference to our fellow humans.

Taxiing Plane Knocks Tail Off Turkish Airlines Airbus2m17s

Taxiing Plane Knocks Tail Off Turkish Airlines Airbus

Have you ever wondered how taxiing planes maneuver around the runway? We do too, but after seeing this footage that has been looped almost to perfection, we don’t think we will ever ponder of that thought again. On Sunday, May 13 2018, passengers waiting to depart from Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey on a Turkish Airlines Airbus were given a not-so-bon-voyage when another plane, taxiing for takeoff, hit their sliced the Turkish Airlines’ tail clean off! One of the passengers aboard Turkish Airlines A321, Kaarina Barron, said that all their heard was a noise as loud as a bomb and the plane sort of tilting to the side. It made her fear her own life. The 55-year-old from Woodley, Berkshire, England was near the rear of the plane with her friend Clare Chambers when they heard the bang. “We’d just pulled into the parking bay. We hadn’t even been stationary for a minute and the engines were still going when there was this huge noise. It sounded like a bomb going off and the whole plane seemed to tilt over.” The crash occurred when the Asiana A330 collided with the Turkish Airlines A321 on Sunday afternoon and sliced the plane’s tail clean off. Due to the hit, the Turkish airplane suffered extensive damage to its vertical stabilizer. A spokesperson for Turkish Airlines confirms that their airplane has suffered such damages, but no passengers or crew members were injured in the incident. Credit to 'Medya Gundem/YouTube'.

 Dog 'Talks' To The Phone After Hearing His Mom Speaking On It2m00s

Dog 'Talks' To The Phone After Hearing His Mom Speaking On It

No matter how much we love and nurture out canine companions, there comes a time when we have to leave them on their own. Doesn’t matter if it is for just a short while, like a trip to the toilet or to the market, or a longer one, like the 8+ hours it takes us to make the morning and afternoon commute plus the time we spend at work. When dogs feel the absence of a loved one, they get really sad. So, dog owners make it their diligence to occasionally call up and talk to their pets. This is how that looks. Stanley is missing his mom terribly while she is out of town on business. What he needed at this very moment was just to hear his mom’s voice. So his dad picked up the phone, dialed up mom’s number and put her on speaker. When Stanley hears the familiar voice of the phone, his entire body changes. The part we love the most is when the dad says “Do you love your mama?”, prompting his pet to let out this long, sad howl. Each time he stops, dad urges him to “tell her”, making Stanley howl every single time. And each time, his howls get longer and happier. Of course he loves his mommy! What a delight this clip is. If you have a pet of you own, we hope this will inspire you to give them a call when you are away for a longer period of time. Assure them that they will not be alone for long and that you will be together again very soon! Credit to 'mrlargemouth'.