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Owner Has Been Away For Weeks, Watch The Horse’s Reaction !2m07s

Owner Has Been Away For Weeks, Watch The Horse’s Reaction !

Horse is so happy to meet her owner again. The girl went abroad, and could not see his horse. The animal is badly missed. And here the owner came back. Horses are unique animals. Have you noticed that they have healing powers that can affect the human psyche have incredible grace, delighting everyone? Horses are very interesting, strong, perfect, and this is evidenced by many facts. The horse is largely affecting the musculoskeletal system. With each step, she sends the horseman momentum, just repeating the work of the human trunk during walking. This indicates that the unique correct problems with the spine.

Parrot wants to play with that cat, but the cat is absolutely tired of the bird’s antics !45s

Parrot wants to play with that cat, but the cat is absolutely tired of the bird’s antics !

Parrot chatterbox adheres to the cat. His patience can only envy. When you live in the house two Pets and their owners is not easy. Especially if animals of very different types. But nevertheless, such get along, although sometimes patience one of them to be envied. Everyone knows that parrots are quite noisy and gregarious birds. And this feathered friend is no exception. He is clearly bored and it requires live communication. Parrot in all possible ways attracts the attention of cat — jumping on him, chirping to him in his ear, biting and running around. This time I’m on the side of a cat. He just wants to relax.

Mama cat sees her baby is having a bad dream! NOW WATCH WHAT SHE CONSOLES HIM !1m00s

Mama cat sees her baby is having a bad dream! NOW WATCH WHAT SHE CONSOLES HIM !

Touching scene from the life of a Mama cat and her kitten managed to capture on video. The footage is an idyllic picture, sleeping cat-mom and next to her a very small kitten. Foot sleeping kitten suddenly starts to twitch – he has a nightmare. Sensing this, the mother cat is hugging her child, holding it to her – and the kitten calms down, continuing to snore peacefully. Cats sleep a lot and tasteful. Surprisingly, they spend in sleep 16 hours a day, and this they divide into small pieces (hence the expression “cat sleep”). In other words, 9-year-old cat, for example, 6 years of his life spent in sleep. Not surprisingly, this process brought the cats to perfection.

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Strong dog wants to play !33s

Strong dog wants to play !

This dog’s race is pitbull and these are known as strong dogs ! She called Jessie and in this video she is very happy and wants to play with his owner ! Amazing Video

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Amazing puppy wants to play with little girl 10s

Amazing puppy wants to play with little girl

The party atmosphere is approaching and people are coming out with their pets to go for a walk! As we see in the video the dog wants to play with the little girl and with the music being played, he is enjoying it! As a Rumble and Animal Lovers staff we wish you Happy Holidays with this beautiful video!

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Little cat has hur her leg and cant enjoy the free run 16s

Little cat has hur her leg and cant enjoy the free run

Hello this is my 4 months old cat,i accidentally broke her leg when i was leaving my house with my car.I really didnt see her but well that happend, i immediatly took her and took him to the hospital, unfortanly her leg was broke.I cried like 1 day but when i see her i eyes i get better and better . Her legg now is way better than the day she broke it and i hope gets like other leggs.Here its a video about her and her broken legg. Enjoy my litle baby cat :)

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Amazing puppy wants to sleep !16s

Amazing puppy wants to sleep !

Dogs are the most cute animals ! See how this dog is trying to sleep, but it requires owner's attention to decide to sleep ! So cute and funny :p !

Amazing Puppies Leaving The "Jail"  & Touching The Fresh Air For The First Time15s

Amazing Puppies Leaving The "Jail" & Touching The Fresh Air For The First Time

Theese little guys that you are looking right here, are brand new souls gaven from heaven, look at their eyes they are locked in the "jail" and someone goes to adopt them and release them.Touching the fresh air for the first time it is going to be one of the greatest moment ever for them. Hope other guys locked in there are adopted soon. Please share this video to make animals happy to make them enjoy their life as we do, and especialy dogs must run away in the nature. Make your job Share this video ,

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Baby Meets Puppy For The First Time !25s

Baby Meets Puppy For The First Time !

The baby licks the dog. Everybody knows that it is not hygienic to let the dog lick the face, especially the child. But it’s so cute when she does that she just can’t say no. Moreover, the child had trouble. This is the simplest proof of love and affection, which can show the dog. If the child and dog grow together, i.e. they are the same age – a small child and a puppy, it’s just a great option. They both love to play and are both learning the world, so, in this option for a favorable outcome of their relationship in General, you should not worry. Child is much easier to make friends with a dog than with other children, I just have to stop them from talking.

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Little Bird Kisses His Cat Friend !1m45s

Little Bird Kisses His Cat Friend !

These two spend a wonderful time together. They play and chill out. And nobody will say that this cat can harm a parrot. A young bird never thought that cat is its enemy. From the very beginning these two creatures live together in one house. The only thing is from time to time cat gets a little bit tired from his noisy friend. Ideal is when the animals from an early age are together. In this case, they usually get along well with each other: a cat sees the bird as prey, and that its immediacy is quickly gaining appreciation of the cat. And it does not matter, is it a cockatoo or wavy crumb. The main thing that both got a great pleasure. !

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Nine Puppies Get A Chance To Play In The Snow For The 1st Time !2m15s

Nine Puppies Get A Chance To Play In The Snow For The 1st Time !

Winter will come soon. It has already started snowing in some countries. What can be compared with a beautiful snowy day? When it is snowing people like to make themselves comfortable under cozy and warm cover, drinking something hot. When it snows heavily, it can create many problems, but despite all this playing in the snow brings much fun and removes all troubles. This is incredible pastime! But not only humans love snow. Puppies also adore playing in the snow. Just watch their reaction to it. Nine Golden Retrievers are so happy as they play in the snow. This is their first experience with the snow and they are smiling from ear to ear. This is precious reaction beyond worlds!

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This Is The Craziest Kitty In The World !1m40s

This Is The Craziest Kitty In The World !

There were a lot of cat`s videos, but they can’t compared with this one. I think that this hyperactive kitty is truly amazing. This is not surprising when cats love to run about the house. All pet owners can state this. It is a kind of normal and you should worry if the cat does not do it. But this cat is something different. There is so much energy in it that the cat never stops. The camera captured all its hyperactive games and this is really the craziest creature. Her name is Nikita. Nikita is 2 years old. She runs and jumps more often than she walks. There are 4 reasons that make this kitty really crazy. She is so emotional and loves to express them through motion. Cat always focuses on targets. The owner is never bored with her. Watch the video with this energetic kitty, which is a very happy kitty.

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Adorable baby donkey !2m17s

Adorable baby donkey !

Baby animals are so cute! They are full of charm so it seems that they can’s be more adorable! Just look at this energetic donkey. His antics and carefree actions will make you smile. When he is released from the stable, he is so full of joy! Miniature donkey loves freedom and nobody limits the little guy. He must be motivated to win his imaginary race where he is the only one.

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A Mama cat heard a motherless puppy crying !51s

A Mama cat heard a motherless puppy crying !

Little helpless orphan is crying in the middle of the street. Who is out there to help the baby? Puppy does not have mommy and there is nobody to care for him. But there are some altruistic animals who can’t pass by when they hear that baby is in trouble. When motherless puppy started crying the cat did not think twice. Kitty rushed to rescue without delay and picked up the wee one. Puppy did not mind. It is not quite clear what happened to the rest of the litter, we see just one pup. Though it was not easy for her to carry the pup, cat is very determined. She heroically carried the pup to safety that was heavy enough. At least, much heavier than kittens.

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Kitten Desperately Wants To Play With Her Big Dog Brother !30s

Kitten Desperately Wants To Play With Her Big Dog Brother !

A tiny kitten is so adorable. He appeared in this house not long ago but started acting as boss immediately. The kitten is very curious. Everything is new to him and all is so exciting! Curiosity is one of the main features when baby is small. There is not right development without curiosity. It fuels the process of learning. This kitten wants to play with his canine brother and does not care that the dog is very sleepy and does not want to play. Still the little kitten continues to attack and is very persistent in it. It is a pity that their nap time differs. He would like to spend more time with his playmate. Kittens are ready to play without stopping! This is so cute to watch them. And the paws of the kitten are so gentle and sweet. Love these furry friends!

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Hilarious Siamese Cat Really Loves Talking To His Human !48s

Hilarious Siamese Cat Really Loves Talking To His Human !

Kitties love attention and always try to walk between the legs of their human. Why actually they say moew? For different reasons. We are aware that kitties do it in the desire to get attention from their humans. But the reaction of these Siamese kitten is hard to compare with anything else. You can see the reaction of a Siamese cat to questions of the owners. As a result we see a very funny conversation that looks strangely. The cat does it with pleasure. really loves long conversation with her human. She would spend all day talking about some “serious” topics.

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This cat went to the neighbor and returned with a new-found friend !34s

This cat went to the neighbor and returned with a new-found friend !

This is Timmy. This cat likes to explore the neighborhood. The cat was very committed when it headed over to his neighbor’s yard. It turned out he saw tiger plush toy there and liked it. The toy was big enough for Timmy so he repeated his trip twice before he could take it away. The neighbor lives across the street, not that far from Timmy’s yard. Timmy just wanted a bit of companionship. He started playing with his newfound friend in the thick grass. !

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Be Prepared! This Striking Commercial About A Dog Waiting For His Human Will Get You Crying…1m00s

Be Prepared! This Striking Commercial About A Dog Waiting For His Human Will Get You Crying…

Some ads are so touching that can make you cry and this is just such video. Dogs Trust belongs to the largest dog welfare charity in the United Kingdom. It helps to find good homes for dogs and provide and better future. It is so pleasant to provide joyous life for poor pooches that suffered much. A new commercial shows a dog together with his favorite toy. But this was not just a dog and his toy as the doll was a symbol and symbolized somebody special for whom the dog has been waiting long. Dog expected that the person would take the dog home. We see how the dog goes everywhere with it. The dog is still loyal to the person and hopes to see him again. Watch the ending of this heart warming video.

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Police Who Found The Puppy During A Drug Bust Get A Huge Surprise44s

Police Who Found The Puppy During A Drug Bust Get A Huge Surprise

The criminal was arrested during the drug bust in a California motel. A little dog Bubba addicted to heroin and meth was found in the same motel room. All were horrified to find out that the poor thing had drugs on his system. It is not quite clear if the dog ingested the drugs or inhaled the fumes of the substances. The abused dog was sent to the Orange County Animal Care. In a month the police officer went to check on the puppy which was called Bubba. The puppy was only 8 weeks old when it was found, but he was under the influence of narcotics. They were not small time drugs, but heroine and meth in his system. Despite this Bubba was recovering. Dog reunited with the police officer who rescued him after he recovered.

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Koalas Fight Just Like Little Kids!52s

Koalas Fight Just Like Little Kids!

It is not that easy to be a koala. Their tree dwelling lifestyle seems so carefree for all, but this is not actually so. They often compete with each other and it brings to serious quarrels. Koalas fighting is specific and you can see in this video how it looks. They argue just like kids! When koalas are having an argument, this is supercute! And they make very funny sounds when they argue. You’s better turn on sound to listen to it and see their faces at these moments. Koalas are very adorable animals!

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Man Who Rescues a Sick Baby Raccoon Gets the Best Reward !3m18s

Man Who Rescues a Sick Baby Raccoon Gets the Best Reward !

When one day woman found a sick, lonely baby raccoon, she decided to bring it home. He had many health problems that he could hardly walk. Gracie and her husband felt sorry for little baby. They called this ball of fur Loki and helped him recover. They got accustomed to him when he was on the way to recovery. He was like one of their kids, not just a pet. This couple saved his life. They fed him from the bottle and provided everything for him that he needed. After he recovered he had many opportunities to leave, but he felt so loved by members of this family that he decided not to. Now he uses the doggy door and can leave the house when he wishes and come back again. Loki adores his rescuers, treats them as parents and gives them love in return, which is the most precious gift.

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Only 1% Of Dogs Can Do What Doggie In The Video Does!20s

Only 1% Of Dogs Can Do What Doggie In The Video Does!

Pets are full of surprises. You are often surprised at their unexpected talents or some unusual features. This pup, for instance, is very happy and shows his luxurious smile to all. He wants the world know about excellent smile. His name is Herbert and he is only 5 months old. Just look at this pup. He became very famous in social media. He is so photogenic that his mom always records his tricks. His beautiful grin is amazing! His eyes light up every time when he is asked to say “cheese”. His special trick is so funny!

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Timo the Ragdoll Cat vs Feather42s

Timo the Ragdoll Cat vs Feather

For you this is just a feather. And for many others as well. But not for this kitty, for whom this feather is a constant source of inspiration! Timo the cat is a very creative kitty! This amazing Ragdoll is spoiled and has a lot of toys and even his own fish in the pond but now he prefers this feather to the most exciting toys. Just look at his fascination as he plays with this grey feather. I love the way this furry guy is sneaking up to the feather, attacks it and makes it the best toy. It is so captivating for Timo, this is amazing! This is one more proof of the fact that cats can play with absolutely anything.

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Frenchie And A Tennis Ball Will Win Your Heart!1m08s

Frenchie And A Tennis Ball Will Win Your Heart!

Blankie can easily be a part of the National Tennis Team though he understands how stressful it is. He is a real expert who knows all theory and all terms the specialist is aware of. But that does not mean there are no challenging moments in the life of this sweet doggy. For instance, this one when Blankie wants to get hold of the tennis ball but can’t reach it! He tries so hard but nothing works. Somebody put the tennis ball on the couch and Doggy has short legs so the ball is out of reach. He calculates all possibilities to get it as soon as possible. He chooses a very weird tactic and starts talking with a ball. I also like the way he looks at the owner.Will he manage that? Let us watch to find out!

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Great Dane Complains His Dinner is Late !1m04s

Great Dane Complains His Dinner is Late !

It is amazing but some animals have excellent sense of time. They do not use watch but they know exactly when meal should be ready. This Great Dane loves when everything is done on time and he does not have to wait for his dinner. When it happens he starts complaining that dinner is late. Max knows that dinner is served at 5 o’clock! Those who are hungry should get food as soon as possible and Great Danes are not exclusion. But nobody gives food to Max and his protests are so hilarious. After some back-and-forth between the dog and the owner, Max gets a bite of chicken appetizer. He loves his snack much!

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