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Using Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine To Start A Campfire 44s

Using Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine To Start A Campfire

If you've ever tried to start a campfire, then you know first-hand that it isn't always the easiest of tasks. Check out the clever solution these guys came up with to help get the flames going, all you need is a Harley Davidson motorcycle! A cool video has emerged of a Harley Davidson motorcycle starting the party at an evening campsite. The motorcyclist shows us how to get the campfire going with the help of a motorcycle exhaust. Watch as he backs up to the dying fire with a Harley Davidson motorcycle and uses the exhaust to turn up the heat on the fire. Incredible! Trying to start a campfire has never been an easy task. Keeping the fire going can also be difficult as well. Eventually, the flames will start to weaken and the fire will need another kickstart to have full force. These guys came up with a very smart and original solution to keep the flames going. They used a Harley Davidson motorcycle to keep the fire going! Who says you need to start a fire the old boring way, when this way it is a lot more entertaining!? The man backs up his motorcycle close to the fire and starts the engine. The results are incredible! The flames of the fire are so much stronger! Who knew that using a motorcycle would be such a great idea? These guys have some pretty great original ideas! I wonder what other ideas they have up their sleeves! No worries, when the fire starts to look a little weak, just start up the motorcycle again! The fire will look good as new! Are you in the mood for a camping trip? Take a leaf out of these guys’ book to learn the camping essentials and get ready for your next exciting adventure!

Published: August 21, 201444,574,563 views
Water pillow jump fail12s

Water pillow jump fail

If you want to know how NOT to jump on a water pillow, take a lesson from this guy!

Published: August 11, 201533,691 views
How To Make Popcorn Using A Motorcycle2m55s

How To Make Popcorn Using A Motorcycle

For most of us sport enthusiast, bike enthusiast to be specific, getting a musky looking bike is just what we need as a confidence booster. For some its just the joy of riding around and for many the adrenaline rush. Ether way, as motorcycles are not necessarily referred to as safe, there are many people out there that just can't wait to get their hands on one. As crazy as this sport might be and even dangerous, there are people out there that prefer it and very much enjoy it. However, this seems to be quite the particular case of the use for a motorcycle. This guy might actually be onto something here. This use for a bike has never been seen before. The fact that it actually works might even come as a bigger surprise. Hungry for some popcorn but don't have a microwave nearby? Don't worry! User 'qbazz' shares with us his secret for making some instant popcorn using only the exhaust pipe of his motorcycle . He pours a handful of the raw popped kernels into the exhaust pipe, turns on the ignition and rev's the engine. It takes a while for the pipe to heat up, of course, but soon enough gorgeously white popped kernels come popping out! No need to add oil, the pipe's got plenty inside! All you are left to do is just sit right in front of the pipe's opening with your mouth open and catch those hot suckers. We are not sure about for the nutritional value of this snack, what with the engine oil, the gasoline and the soot, but if you are up for an adventure, don't forget to write us back and tell us how you feel after eating them!

Published: May 14, 2015206,001 views
Racing army tanks for charity!36s

Racing army tanks for charity!

At a small charity party user 'qbazz' took place in a tank race that was captured on camera. Check out these two giant vehicle's speed alongside each other. How cool is that? The race was part of a charity event organized by Iskra MC Poland, where the main objective was a blood drive. Other attractions included rides with military transport vehicles, shooting with ASG gun replicas, wall climbing and contests, as well as plenty of fun for the youngest visitors. The organizers stated that the idea was to have fun, while donating blood that is necessary not only for motorcyclists, but for all people in general.

Published: April 27, 201567,704 views
Motorcyclists ride inside 'Globe of Death'58s

Motorcyclists ride inside 'Globe of Death'

Two professional motorcycle riders perform inside a 'Globe of Death', while one brave volunteer stands right in the middle! Filmed during the Atomic Motorcycle Rally in Nowy Jasiniec, Poland.

Published: August 25, 201446,721 views
Beer crate climbing challenge3m56s

Beer crate climbing challenge

Out of all the quirky little competitions and challenges around the world, this has to be one in the top 5 or so! Crate stacking is a new sport game, where the objective is to stack as many upside-down plastic crates and transfer your footing without, you know, falling down. :) Watch as a participant at a Polish festival stacks empty crates while maintaining his balance at the top of the stack. How high do you think you could go? The best thing about crate climbing? It can be done anywhere, as long as there is an abundant supply of (beer or milk) crates to be assembled and an anchor point can be found, according to safety requirements.

Published: September 25, 201416,225 views